Acme Dogma Disruptor tees


12 Responses to “Acme Dogma Disruptor tees”

  1. Petzl says:

    Just trust me and do not offer coffee to anyone wearing that shirt.

  2. Wilson Jones says:

    Just don’t disrupt the dogma of any religion prepared to storm your embassy and smother your ambasador.

  3. Peter Kisner says:

    Hey, whatareyoudoi…

    Owww!  My biological pathways for transcription and translation!

  4. Guest says:

    What year was the last PTA meeting over school prayer, really?

  5. So you’re saying that someone who wore that shirt to a school would not get smacked down hard by Homeland Security (or their delegated agents) and be charged with weapons possession and terrorism?  (And blasphemy?)

  6. Michael Burt says:

    That Chelsea Clinton… will she ever grow up?

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