Apple event under way, new iPhone and MacBooks anticipated

The big Apple unveil of the Fall is under way. Live blogs to follow: GDGT, Verge, Gizmodo, Ars.


  1. You’d think that a company that can cram that much processing power into such a small device would be able to make a Mac Pro tower that isn’t the approximate size and weight of a washing machine.

  2. New MacBooks anticipated by whom, exactly? Easy enough to say now that the event is over (wasn’t watching my RSS feeds during the event), but no one expected new Mac hardware to be announced today – this is the iPod/Music event, that now absorbed the iPhone since it shifted its release schedule.

  3. Alas, nothing on the AppleTV– would have liked to offload some video playing apps off my ipad, and onto the black box.

  4. well?  Is there or isn’t there a new macbook coming out?  Sorry I am too lazy people, I am relying on the BoingBoing community to do my thinking for me.  dear lord….what have I just said?

  5. Is it just me or does Tim Cook look like he would really be a lot happier in a suit?

    (To be fair, he doesn’t look quite as embarrassing impersonating Steve Jobs as that Windows tablet fail guy…)

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