David Byrne's How Music Works


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  1. endrest says:

    Since this copyright BS has gotten out of control, I have to ask, does Apple own that icon that’s gracing the cover of Byrne’s book or what?

    Which leads to a related question: If corporations are people and people can own a copyright till death and 70 years after death, does that mean a solvent, operating corporation could own a copyright forever?  It’s logic I could see Disney lawyers using to protect Mickey and Crew.

  2. 5onthe5 says:

    That lyric-writing method, of singing nonsense then “transcribing” it, is exactly what Michael Stipe did in the early days of REM. I wonder if Stipe got it from Byrne, or if any other lyricists established the method before.

    Obviously, poets for centuries have been choosing words for their acoustic effect as well as their meaning, but I still find it an intriguing way of working.

  3. Bill Drummond’s The17 project is another way of creating “scores” to follow and create unique music.

  4. Marty F says:

    I’m flying across the country and would have loved to read this book on the flight. Incredibly, it’s not offered as an eBook, and I have no time in the next 3 days to drive to the bookstore (1.5 hour round trip) to get a copy. Astonishing that in the year 2012 I’m still running into media companies that won’t take my money. 

  5. noah django says:

    >How Music Works

    b-but i have a Fear Of Music, Mr. Byrne.

  6. pitkataistelu says:

    Any word on the release date of the audio book?

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