Nude monk tripping on bad berries

A hiker in Unterwössen, Germany called police after coming across a naked, disoriented man in the woods who refused any help. Turns out, the gentleman was a monk who had gone off camping and, according to the police report, ate some poisonous Belladonna berries that spurred a rather bad trip. From the Local:

He failed to find his way back to his tent, ending up instead wandering around aimlessly.

It remains a mystery how he came to be naked.

"Naked monk in woods 'had eaten bad berries'"


  1. “No junk food, just earthly goods/I ate some weird berries in the woods/Now I’m seeing colors, I’m getting higher/I think I’ll start a forest fire!” – Dead Kennedys.

    1. HA! First thing that came to mind apon reading that!
      Came here to quote it. Glad to see I was not alone. ;-}

      All I can add is, are they sure it wasn’t….


  2. At least he didn’t eat anyone’s face off :-)

    This brings to mind an incredibly obscure reference to a comedy routine from “Beyond the Fringe” in the 60’s about British citizens during the Blitz…

    “I was out in the garden at the time, plantin’ out some deadly nightshade for the Boche”

  3. One of the effects of anticholinergic overdose (for instance, eating belladonna berries) is getting very hot.  When people are brought in to the ER for this, it’s often because someone found them wandering around naked.
    (Blind as a bat, red as a beet, dry as a bone, mad as a hatter, hot as Hades)

    ***insert “tripping balls” joke here***

  4. Good thing he did this in Germany. Here in the US the cops would have tazed him repeatedly for resisting arrest.

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