Wake me up when the iPhone 42 comes out


6 Responses to “Wake me up when the iPhone 42 comes out”

  1. TheKaz1969 says:

    Poor Rob.. how’s he taking it?

  2. vonbobo says:

    is it pretty? check
    do all of your pretty friends have one? check
    do you want to be pretty? check
    is it innovative? who the fff cares

  3. TimRowledge says:

    Yeah, without the anti-gravity and matter transmutation capabilities all those other cellphones have, why bother?

    • TheKaz1969 says:

      ha ha, that would be sweet! it is too bad they were mostly catching up to other cell phones, though. I’d love to see them once again push the technology forward. 

      My guess is they have something else up their sleeve. Likely to do with “television” (by which I mean media consumption on a bigger screen)

  4. UnNews says:

    iPhone 5 doesn’t even stack up to the Samsung Galaxy S 3 or the Nokia Lumina and those phones have been out a while. Galaxy S 4 will blow them all out of the water when it comes out.

  5. Simon Lee says:

    That is so right! Real innovation and innovations will now feature in software (read apps) rather than hardware. Just like it happened earlier with Desktop software.

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