Acid Test diploma up for auction


The above 1966 Acid Test Diploma of Merry Prankster and Jerry Garcia's former wife Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia is up for auction as part of The HeART of Rock and Roll Poster Auction. Current bid is $5,775. Over at Collectors Weekly, our pal Ben Marks puts this tattered piece of paper in context as a souvenir of a milestone event in psychedelic, counterculture , and multimedia history. "The High Price of a Degree in LSD"


  1. “Mountain Girl” was the mother of Jerry’s daughters, and they were together for a long time — but she wasn’t his widow.

  2. So, that’s what “God Rotor” artwork looks like

    (I just finished reading “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” yesterday.)

    Thanks for this.

    PS:I read on Wikipedia that Mountain Girl’s daughter Sunshine, was Ken Kesey’s child as well.

  3. to paraphrase ” paper , we don’ need no stinkin’ paper ” ~ also ” it does not require a college degree to do drugs , but having one may enhance  one’s ability to do them PROPERLY ” ~ also ” drug test ?? sure , i can pass a drug test any day of the week !! in fact , i will be defending my master’s thesis in pot smoking next week !! “

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