iPhone "oil paintings," animated GIFs of artful screen smudges


9 Responses to “iPhone "oil paintings," animated GIFs of artful screen smudges”

  1. kstop says:

    I do this! Endless fun in boring meetings.

  2. Grey Devil says:

    The fucks that i give, there are none.

    • Quiet Wyatt says:

      Harsh crowd.

      I’m amused by the “oil paintings,” perhaps because I take them as implicit criticism of people who spend inordinately large percentages of their time with grotty germ-farms like these squelched up against their faces. But your fucks may vary.

  3. lava says:

    so yesterday. where are the iphone5 oil paintings?

  4. avraamov says:

    this was the first problem that occurred to me about the pattern unlock on my android phone. if it gets swiped-sans-wiped, then a thief has the pattern right there in sebum. the same problem persists when you get a plastic screen guard, since you get a cloudy image of your unlock pattern very quickly. i ended up deliberately rotating mine to make it illegible.

  5. Jill says:

    yeah, i do  this all the time with my phone. you want to grid patterns from all angles and then you get the really cool effect when you move your phone around.

  6. Shibi_SF says:

    Their art makes me want to swipe the phones across my thigh and wipe the shmears off with my skirt.

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