Major Lazer's "Get Free" (featuring Amber Coffman)

I encourage you to shake your rump to "Get Free" by Major Lazer (aka Diplo) featuring Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors.) The song is included on Major Lazer's forthcoming album "Free the Universe" with a newly-delayed release date of February 19, 2013. (Thanks, Sarah Ruxin!)


  1. Great track. I am excited to hear an LP from Major Lazer 2.0 (the first incarnation was Diplo + Switch).

    Back in 2009, Diplo and Switch put together an excellent Major Lazer essential mix for BBC Radio 1:

  2. Dang, forthcoming in Feb 2012–a newly-delayed release date.  My brain feels like I just looked at a laser for way too long and it fried my personal space-time continuum.

  3. Major Lazer live at the Snowball Music Festival in March in Avon, CO was one of the best sets of the entire weekend. Very easy to keep warm in 20 degree weather when you’re dancing so hard!

  4. I don’t even…in what part of the country, nay, world was this filmed? This is like Divine Horsemen meets Fast and Furious.

    1. i swear I saw the flag in there but I can’t find it now, my connection went all laggy. anyway, it’s Jamaica.

      edit: jamaican flag is the last image after the “get free” rock etching if vimeo isn’t fucking up on you like it was me a minute ago. but it’s pretty obvious if you follow dancehall culture. the women dancing doing headstands against those bassbins may as well be them showing their jamaican passports.

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