Saturday Night Live recap: Seth MacFarlane and Frank Ocean


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  1. Their feldspars says:

    Off-topic: is it just me, or does this site suddenly look very different?

  2. robcat2075 says:

    A comedy-variety show that has endured 38 years is pretty much a miracle. I think SNL represents the last successful launch of such a program on network.

    I have no idea what the bold-face “tl;dr” signifies. What is that?

    I was surprised there was no political ad “approved by Romney” to give the appearance of balance.

    I realize no trees die to present us with a re-cap of SNL, but it seems unnecessary. One can re-watch it on Hulu. At least this review did not have the once obligatory “SNL isn’t as funny as it used to be”.

  3. great recap nailed it.I hope they do a victoria jackson parody this season.

  4. Pedantic Douchebag says:

    I think there might be more people of color in the SNL opening credits than there ever have been as regular performers in almost 40 years on the air. Certainly more women of color and Asians. I guess Lorne Michaels doesn’t have access to the same casting resources as Mad TV and In Living Color, or maybe he only likes having women of color represented by men in drag or women in thick makeup. Pathetic.

  5. connie1946 says:

    This certainly is quite a thorough and intoxicating review, but to what purpose? At the beginning of every season (since SEASON 2) there’s a frantic public expectancy about the merits and drawbacks of the “new hopeful SNL cast” – last night’s season opener was no different.

    Over-analyzing bad comedy doesn’t make it better. SNL will never bat higher than .250 when it comes to comedy. The musical guests are hit and miss as well. The best I can say for it is it’s a show old timers are comfortable with and youngsters tolerate. SNL is old. It’s like “Green Acres” and “The Love Boat” – I guess it has it’s place and besides, what would NBC fill the 11:30-1:00 AM gap with on Saturday nights?

    Even the grand days of Chevy Chase and John Belushi weren’t all that great…Mr Bill, anyone? The Killer Bees?

    • aikimoe says:

      The first “new hopeful SNL cast” was for its fifth season. And while there were always clunkers, “the grand days” were, indeed, “all that great,” especially compared with more recent fare. The sketches were edgier and wittier, the musical guests frequently more obscure (and even when they weren’t, they were The Rolling Stones and David Bowie of the 70′s).

  6. ocker3 says:

    I just wish there was a way I could legally watch the show from outside the USA

  7. kasia says:

    So, the title of this entry should be different. Why even try to recap Frank Ocean if you’re “not good at music”? -________

  8. dbergen says:

    Pharoah’s Obama was terrible! If I didn’t know who he was doing I would not have known who he was doing. None of Fred’s subtle touches and inflections, which are spot on, were recreated by jay, it was a completely one-note impression. Hopefully it gets better as I do really like Pharoah.

  9. Peter says:

    TLDR is the most infuriating acronym on the internet.

  10. paul says:

    Mr. Bill is funny. Shut up.

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