William Gibson on where the Internet's Bohemias are


14 Responses to “William Gibson on where the Internet's Bohemias are”

  1. BrotherPower says:

    “Gundam Style.” Now THAT I would like to see!

  2. BrotherPower says:

    Wait, “Gundam Style” is not just an amusing homophonic mixup on Cory’s part, but an actual thing?! Oh happy day!

  3. sgtdoom says:

    Oh wow, Cory, can we see a repeat of that nonsensical NYT op-ed Gibson wrote, moronically claiming that the ultra-sophisticated Stuxnet was nothing more than the product of a kid in his mom’s basement????

  4. Ian Wood says:

    Which suggests to the suggestible listener that BoingBoing is not the equivalent of a 1977 knapsack full of Sex Pistols records and British punk magazines.

  5. timquinn says:

    “People” still frequent “places” where they exchange “opinions” and “ideas” in “person.” Scary, I know.

  6. nice to know the first thing William Gibson does in the morning is read Boing Boing eh? :)

  7. devophill says:

    Did we just get another BoingBoing redesign? Because I like it!

  8. TipsyGypsy says:

    Has no one else mentioned how incredibly awesome his bookshelf is?!

  9. Amelia_G says:

    Bohemia doesn’t have to be punk (though punk is fun). Bohemia isn’t even Bohemia–the community apparently developed in England after trouble in Bohemia drove interesting people away in droves.

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