Major exhibition of Nam June Paik, "father of video art," opens at Smithsonian in December 2012


5 Responses to “Major exhibition of Nam June Paik, "father of video art," opens at Smithsonian in December 2012”

  1. Can’t wait for this. His art was a giant part of my childhood.

  2. joetrip says:

    His work managed to achieve both a deep personal expression and a trenchant social
    critique. As a person, he could be outrageously funny in a zen-like manner. A true original.

  3. KWillets says:

    There’s also an entire museum in Korea: .  I know the woman who did the T-shirts there (actually I think she did a lot of the graphics work).  

  4. Robert Hall says:

    My favorite college professor knew Paik, and thankfully introduced me to his work. I instantly become a fan of Paik. One of my favorite memories from the 90′s was getting to see the premiere of his huge installation show: “The Electronic Super Highway” in my hometown at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art back in 1994. Years later after moving north, I got a chance to see his 2000 retrospective show at the Guggenheim – just overwhelming in its scope and impact. I look forward to taking my wife and children to the Smithsonian to see this exhibit when it opens. Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a chance to see his work in person.

  5. Jen Onymous says:

    The Guggenheim had a retrospective of his work some time ago, and it was phenomenal.  I don’t have a reason to go to DC anytime soon, but this may be worth the trip all by itself. 

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