Averaging Noah Kalina's 12 years of daily photos


You've likely seen Noah Kalina's updated daily self-portrait video, now including more than twelve years of photos. If you haven't, it's below. The image above is Than Tibbetts' averages of each year. "Average Noah Kalina"


  1. So many questions:  did he intentionally rotate around the room during the 3-7 year time zone or did it just work out that way?  Why, around the 7-9 year point did he go through a cycle of growing a light beard and shaving it off about a half-dozen times?  Did he use a digital camera for the entire project, a film camera or did he switch over time?

  2. it is a fake, 12 years ago the digital era was just at the beginning and more, if you pay attention on his eyes and an orange t-shirt coming out in many shoots, you can easly realize he made it in maybe 3 months

    1.  Dude, he’s been putting up videos like this since he started… The first chunk is the original video. The first one I saw was over the course of four years, and I saw it eight years ago.

  3. He’d get a much sharper and more interesting average image if he co-registered them using landmarks like his eyes and the tip of his nose.

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