Averaging Noah Kalina's 12 years of daily photos


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  1. John Coleman says:

    Is it just me or does the 12 year Average Noah look like the Ecce Homo Resto?

  2. bobo obobo says:

    I’m a bit scared by how quickly the freckles appear after the 5:00 mark on the video. There were none and then, suddenly, he’s like a quail egg.

  3. esquire says:

    I wonder if he kind of hates that he ever had this idea. 

  4. Aeron says:

    So if you speed Noah up really fast he’s Christopher Walken?

  5. wizardru says:

    So many questions:  did he intentionally rotate around the room during the 3-7 year time zone or did it just work out that way?  Why, around the 7-9 year point did he go through a cycle of growing a light beard and shaving it off about a half-dozen times?  Did he use a digital camera for the entire project, a film camera or did he switch over time?

  6. Adam Bucci says:

    its like watching someone travel through time

  7. AnthonyI says:

    There are a couple of people doing this.  Here is someone who created an apparatus which takes 2 pictures a day and the camera revolves around him over time.  He’s been at it for 17 years according to this video:  


  8. wondy3 says:

    it is a fake, 12 years ago the digital era was just at the beginning and more, if you pay attention on his eyes and an orange t-shirt coming out in many shoots, you can easly realize he made it in maybe 3 months

    • monika Arbudzinski says:

       Dude, he’s been putting up videos like this since he started… The first chunk is the original video. The first one I saw was over the course of four years, and I saw it eight years ago.

    • Susan Carley Oliver says:

       12 years ago the digital era was just at the beginning
      Aww, that’s so sweet!

  9. kent williams says:

    He’d get a much sharper and more interesting average image if he co-registered them using landmarks like his eyes and the tip of his nose.

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