Interview with Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker about free speech


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    But permitting nonconformists to challenge my cherished beliefs hurts my feelings and just stirs up trouble!

    We should only permit responsible nonconformists who know to hold only very slightly odd views, nothing that would rock the boat or anything.

    • Lemoutan says:

      Quite so. I think we call those people eccentric. They can be jolly amusing. The others, the irresponsible ones you mention, well, they’re just loonies who should be locked up for their own protection.

  2. John Fleming says:

    I noticed that the quote block refers to “Hilter”.  Are they referring to that nice Mister Hilter of the National Bocialist party?

    • timquinn says:

      That’s called a pre-emptive Godwin. It’s a strategy used to defuse trolling, which is especially virulent in academia.

  3. Pansee Atta says:

    Wait, a straight, white, able-bodied, middle-class, cis-gendered, dude thinks the world is just hunky dory? I thought the ‘privilege denying dude’ thread was elsewhere!

    (i’ve actually read the giant tome that is The Better Angels of our Nature and thoroughly recommend it, but the joke just HAD to be made)

  4. theclam says:

    He is smart and so right! Thank you rationality.

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