JetBlue planning free in-flight Wi-Fi rollout in early 2013

The Verge reports that US-based airline JetBlue will "roll out high-speed wireless networking in the first quarter of 2013," and that the service will be free for passengers. Instead of GoGo, "which Jetblue derides as slow and unsatisfactory," the airline will use supplier ViaSat.


  1. Awesome news for someone like me based in BOS where they have a big hub. JetBlue basically has direct flights from BOS to every single city I ever need to visit. I’m not a hardcore traveller but spend about 40-50 nights a year on biz travel and the only time in the last few years I’ve not flown JetBlue it was for international travel or short hops between cities while on the west coast.

    Started with JetBlue for the prices and all-new A320 fleet and sorta stuck with them over the years. I like the little biz-oriented features like having moderately up-sold “extra legroom seats” rather than silly overpriced 1st class or biz class cabin sections.

    Internet is just icing on the cake; I’m only a casual user of the satellite TV stuff 

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