Lecture on sf writing with Joe Haldeman

Tony Smith from StarShipSofa sez,

Over the coming months StarShipSofa will present a series of online web lectures by some of the top SF writers out there. These lectures will be called How To Write Science Fiction with...

Among the writers lined up for future lectures are Kim Stanley Robinson, Spider Robinson, Paolo Bacigalupi and many others. The first writer to take to the mic is the author of the classic SF novel The Forever War - Joe Haldeman. You can listen to Joe on the 11th November - all from the comfort of your computer. Don't be mistaken: this isn't your parents' "how to" lecture! Instead, this is a front row seat, as one of the most celebrated minds in the science fiction literary community talks about his journey in the genre. Be there as Joe shares the kind of personal advice and anecdotes you can't find in a writers' guide. Learn how the publishing industry has (and hasn't) changed, and what first led Joe Haldeman to a lifelong relationship with science fiction. You won't want to miss a minute of this intimate and insightful event.

How To Write Science Fiction with... Joe Haldeman (Thanks, Tony!)


  1. Hi –

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I went to the StarShipSofa site and it looks like that first online lecture with Joe Haldeman will cost about $30 or so.  (The price is in Euros)  I’m not saying that is an unreasonable price to hear advice from a noted author, but it makes the posting seem kind of like an advertisement. I think something like “for a nominal fee” etc. should have been added to the original item.

    – Tom, Los Angeles area

    1.  His kind of part… IIRC the protagonist’s own powered armour slices off his limbs at one point in the story.

    1.  You have obviously never read the book or you’d know that it’s underlying theme is to illustrate how bloody stupid wars truly are.

      1. Whoa, chill. I wasn’t making any kind of commentary, I just thought it was interesting. You’re right, I haven’t read it, but I would have probably guessed that a book named “The Forever War” was probably anti-war. And I feel the same way.

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