Lecture on sf writing with Joe Haldeman


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  1. Tom Rombouts says:

    Hi -

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I went to the StarShipSofa site and it looks like that first online lecture with Joe Haldeman will cost about $30 or so.  (The price is in Euros)  I’m not saying that is an unreasonable price to hear advice from a noted author, but it makes the posting seem kind of like an advertisement. I think something like “for a nominal fee” etc. should have been added to the original item.

    - Tom, Los Angeles area

  2. BeaverBeaver says:

    James Franco stars in this book!?

  3. show me says:

    How appropriate – the author of The Forever War is giving a lecture on Armistice Day.

    • vance_tam says:

       You have obviously never read the book or you’d know that it’s underlying theme is to illustrate how bloody stupid wars truly are.

      • show me says:

        Whoa, chill. I wasn’t making any kind of commentary, I just thought it was interesting. You’re right, I haven’t read it, but I would have probably guessed that a book named “The Forever War” was probably anti-war. And I feel the same way.

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