Michigan J Frog meets Black Mesa

Ronaldthecock produced this Black Mesa/Michigan J Frog mashup as part of a machinima challenge on steamcommunity.com:

Let's have another Theme week. Starting sunday September 16th and running through sunday September 23rd, will be Critter week. in honor of the release of Black Mesa this friday, Make Videos of headcrabs, bullsquids, antlions, alien swarm monsters, or whatever creepy crawly you want. Put "OSFM critter week" in the Video description and post it here. There are a couple people working on rigs to make animating monsters like headcrabs easier, so keep an eye out and I'll post them here.

CRITTER WEEK! :: Open Source Filmmaker: (via JWZ)


  1. I totally knew that was going to happen, and the only thing I know of these characters is that Black Mesa is in the song “Still Alive.”

  2. Wow. This morning, out of the blue, I thought of that old cartoon. I don’t recall the chain of thought, if indeed there was one, which made me think of it.

    “The Michigan Rag” has been lodged in my head all damn day.

  3. Man, I loved that old cartoon… then the WB Network completely ruined the character by making him a singing, dancing mascot. The frog isn’t funny because he sings and dances, he’s funny because he reverts to a limp, lethargic amphibian whenever the guy who witnesses it tries to show someone else!

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