Zippo tricks, like a boss

Dawnoh's 2009 Zippo Tricks video has garnered over 2,000,000 views. She's quite a virtuoso and I love her super-cool, like-a-boss affect -- but be sure and watch to the end for her blooper reel. Doing lighter tricks the the only thing I miss about being a smoker, though truth be told I'd already had all my Zippos stolen from me by the TSA by the time I quit.

ZIPPO tricks (via Making Light)


  1. Cory, it’s ok to have one with your old flame nicotine.  She’ll always welcome you back, and it would be sooooo nice.  Just one can’t hurt.

  2. Gah, I am so phobic about smoking, I can’t even watch this. The only time I handle a lighter or a match is to light the grill or the wood stove and it feels weird every time. 

    1. That is so silly.  Why would you identify an ignition device with one activity?  Oh no!  An instrument just like this was used to light a cigarette.  I am forever sullied.

    2.  that’s funny the only time I feel like smoking is when someone expresses how terrible they are for you

    1. Whats the deal with that? Are you serious? I’ve been limited to one on international flights before but they never took them all… is this an America-only thing? I believe the problem with taking a Zippo on is the liquid fuel and the fact they look awesome and are much more tempting for The Shithead Admin douches to steal for “purposes of national security”.

  3. German pubs are so serious about having a candle or lamp on every table, it gives you something to build fire rituals and tricks around that helps people ignore the clouds and clouds of secondhand smoke.

    Are Zippos still manufactured in Bradford, PA? When I was a kid, apparently the only products still manufactured in Pennsylvania were Zippo lighters and the Slinky.

  4. Her tricks are no biggie, only non smokers will be amazed by her tricks.

    I quitted 2 months ago after 15 years of smoking, hoorah!

    1.  I’m still trying to work out how she re-lit the flame by clicking her fingers about 4 inches away.  I see the hand holding the lighter move as well, but I can’t work out how she re-ignites it :(

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