Book trailer for "This Machine Kills Secrets," about Wikileaks

Andrew Greenberg writes,

Here's the video trailer for my new book "This Machine Kills Secrets" about the history and future of anonymous information leaks. The book, which started when I interviewed Julian Assange in London two years ago, aims to trace how the Cypherpunk movement used cryptography and anonymity tools to alter the act of spilling secrets and bring create a world where anyone can leak secrets with impunity. In the second half of the book, I set out to find the *next* WikiLeaks among the crowd of copycat and spinoff sites that are seeking to replicate and systematize WikiLeaks' work. In the process, I also scored the first ever interview with the Architect, the secretive engineer who built WikiLeaks' revamped submission system and then led a mutiny within the group's ranks from which it never fully recovered.

(Thanks, Andrew!)