Elephant expresses disapproval of man at Berlin zoo (video)

[Video Link] (Via Arbroath)


    1. Turns out this is also how young elephants inoculate themselves with intestinal microbes from their mothers. Fun fact.

    1. I noticed that too, as if the elephant wanted to go over to the man.  I shudder to think what a more direct response would have been like.

  1. I had a horse sneeze on me once. While it wasn’t this intense, I did get a nice layer of slime on me. Ah, memories…

  2. I was once at a zoo in Adelaide, Australia. There were some tourists watching and calling out to a lioness in a cage (“ooooh look at the lion” etc). They were quite loud and grating. The lioness continued her stroll, turned away from the loud gawkers and shot a stream of pee at least 15 feet through the bar and hit the loudest of the visitors in the chest. It was very well played.

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