Mentos + Coke + Condoms


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  1. DomoDomo says:

    Subtitles please!  I felt like I understood the general idea of what is happening here, but have the nagging feeling I don’t totally understand the context.

  2. McDonough says:

    I always knew people were lying when they said “it broke.”

  3. John Maple says:

    The narration is the funniest part!

  4. Lexicat says:

    I love the hand job he gives it to finish it off.

  5. cbwallday says:

    Times sure are tough for Roberto Benigni.

  6. HubrisSonic says:

    This gentlemen doesnt appear to be American. 

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    That’s a reservoir tip!

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Man, I saw a video the other day….oh, never mind.

      • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

        No xtube links kths

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Haven’t you ever seen a porn film or a photograph and tried to figure out if there was a clinical diagnosis that might explain it?

          • teapot says:

            Haven’t I? That’s how I’ve been justifying all the “research” I’ve been doing.
            ↓ PS Coward: xtube? Really? After watching proper porn, xtube just looks like this to me

          • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

            And how much gay porn have you been watching?  Inquiring cowards want to know.

          • teapot says:

            @That_Anonymous_Coward:disqus : As a straight guy I can’t say that I’ve seen a great deal of gay porn (well.. if you include lesbians that’s a lie) but its mere existence or links to it don’t bother me like it seems to bother many straight people. To me it’s more like a nature documentary than anything else –  a really, really uninformative nature documentary.
            That being said, we are talking about Anti here and well… I’m pretty confident he’s got a few gems that would burn cannot-unsee into our retinas :)

          • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

            I just default to misuse of a suntea jar and move on…

        • Dlo Burns says:

          Is that a Xubuntu program thing?

  8. Preston Sturges says:

    Way to chub it up!

  9. Preston Sturges says:

    I have heard of these flavored condoms, but I did not know they also exploded.

  10. 3William56 says:


    Anything is more fun and exciting with hyperactive Mediterranean commentary (?)

  11. And boom goes the dynamite.

  12. Bodhipaksa says:

    This is no doubt a silly question, but what happens when people eat mentos and drink Coke?

  13. TWX says:

    I wonder what would happen if one placed the mentos into the condom, twisted the condom to isolate them, then somehow managed to fill and overinflate the condom with the soda, seal the condom, then untwist the separation between the candy and the soda…

  14. Seriously says:

    Can you use diet coke? Can’t believe I really want to know that, but it would be so much less sticky.

  15. Imagine what would have happened if he’d used Diet Coke, like you’re supposed to. 

  16. If you slowly add Diet Coke to instant coffee, you get a semi-stable foam that lasts upwards of half-an-hour. I accidentally discovered this myself (don’t ask), but I’ve no idea how it works.

  17. Tchoutoye says:

    Only guys who never get to use condoms in their traditional way could come up with stuff like this.

  18. gumbowing says:

    A tragic waste of all three. Mentos are for eating! Coke is for drinking! Condoms are for shtupping!

  19. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Now campers, when he tells you its to small, remember… he is lying and isn’t worth your time.
    Always practice safe soft drinks.

  20. humanresource says:

    I came.

  21. jeligula says:

    You know you are severely dehydrated when the contents of the condom resemble Mentos (R).   Ummm, does this guy make his living as a carnival barker?

  22. wysinwyg says:

    I take this as more evidence against the “all humor is moral transgressions” thesis.  

  23. Philbert says:

    This is a great day for Science!

  24. Ben Sherman says:

    Here is the original, higher quality, not stolen!  Change the stories link!

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