Mentos + Coke + Condoms

Mixing Mentos and Coke is a thing -- well-parameterized and understood. But what if you tape a condom over the bottle-mouth before you make the fateful introduction? Sheer hilarity!

Durex + Cola + Mentosy (via Reddit)


  1. Subtitles please!  I felt like I understood the general idea of what is happening here, but have the nagging feeling I don’t totally understand the context.

    1. Basically he’s first talking about the world famous Durex condoms, and how many mentos he’s going to stick in. Later, he starts to describe what they’re doing. And at last, “the world record” shouts and all is rejoice.

    2. “blablablbalbalbalbalabla i’m gonna drop those 7 mentos into this coca-cola bottle blablbalbalbalba AARRAGGRAGHG”

        1. Haven’t you ever seen a porn film or a photograph and tried to figure out if there was a clinical diagnosis that might explain it?

          1. Haven’t I? That’s how I’ve been justifying all the “research” I’ve been doing.
            ↓ PS Coward: xtube? Really? After watching proper porn, xtube just looks like this to me

          2. @That_Anonymous_Coward:disqus : As a straight guy I can’t say that I’ve seen a great deal of gay porn (well.. if you include lesbians that’s a lie) but its mere existence or links to it don’t bother me like it seems to bother many straight people. To me it’s more like a nature documentary than anything else –  a really, really uninformative nature documentary.
            That being said, we are talking about Anti here and well… I’m pretty confident he’s got a few gems that would burn cannot-unsee into our retinas :)


    Anything is more fun and exciting with hyperactive Mediterranean commentary (?)

  3. I wonder what would happen if one placed the mentos into the condom, twisted the condom to isolate them, then somehow managed to fill and overinflate the condom with the soda, seal the condom, then untwist the separation between the candy and the soda…

  4. If you slowly add Diet Coke to instant coffee, you get a semi-stable foam that lasts upwards of half-an-hour. I accidentally discovered this myself (don’t ask), but I’ve no idea how it works.

  5. Now campers, when he tells you its to small, remember… he is lying and isn’t worth your time.
    Always practice safe soft drinks.

  6. You know you are severely dehydrated when the contents of the condom resemble Mentos (R).   Ummm, does this guy make his living as a carnival barker?

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