Sponsor Shout-Out: Watchismo

Our thanks to Watchismo, sponsors of our daily email update.

Ikepod Watches of Switzerland have found a cool new home at Watchismo! Check out the Ikepod Horizon, whose unique dial creates an optical illusion of appearing convex, thereby emphasizing the three-dimensional volume of the Ikepod case. Then there's Marc Newson's latest creation, which sees the Australian designer interpret the most iconic timepiece of all as the Ikepod Hourglass. Each handmade hourglass comprises highly durable borosilicate glass and millions of stainless steel nanoballs. Finally, be sure to take a look at street artist KAWS' curating of a custom-designed Ikepod KAWS Horizon.


  1. Nice, but tell me this… does a $6,000 watch tell time any better than a $250 one? Who the heck would want to waste $20,000+ on a silly Corningware hourglass full of nothing more than steel shot? I’ve seen wasteful items for sale before, but these ones really take the Blue Ribbon in the timepiece category.

      1. Though I do have to wonder who they’re advertising to here on BoingBoing. I mean, am I hobnobbing here or are you all slumming it?

        1. We have plenty of readers with multi-hundred K incomes.  It only takes a couple of high-end sales to make advertising worthwhile.

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