Strangely adorable video of sea slugs eating a blue button jelly alive


11 Responses to “Strangely adorable video of sea slugs eating a blue button jelly alive”

  1. surreality says:

    Are there two of them kissing around 0:57? That’s what it is in my brain.

  2. tyrell says:

    They’re not related to mollusks. They are mollusks. 

  3. Rezorrand says:

    Did the jelly, in return, eat any of the slugs? It seemed to try at least.

  4. Madama says:

    I knew it,  Polkemons are real.

  5. Maggie, your cat videos similarly suck. That is an awful-looking cat.

  6. Rich Keller says:

    That was pleasantly disturbing. Thanks! Nudibranchs make me wish I were a marine biologist and a hot glass sculptor.

    Yesterday, I was wondering how the little nudibranchs get the toxin to where they can put it to good use. Are they using the original nematocysts from their food source somehow as a delivery system or do they have some kind of things of their own?

  7. Nicky G says:

    I’m almost positive those things were in an episode of Aeon Flux.

    This was them as an adult, as babies they looked just like what’s in this video.

  8. David J. Weiner says:

    awwww, such adorable vicious predators, feeding on a hapless blue button.

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