Ben Folds Five meets Fraggle Rock: a Nerdist music video


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  1. Cowicide says:

    What?  No mention of when Fraggle Rock worked with Slayer?

  2. Robbo says:

    I had the great pleasure of performing Junior Gorg (I was inside the costume, the late Richard Hunt provided the voice)  and to see the Fraggles come back like this is freaking awesome.

    Jerry Nelson, who performed Gobo, Pa Gorg, the Trash Heap and others, just recently passed and we’ll be celebrating him next week at the Pilot Tavern here in Toronto, which was the favoured haunt of cast and crew during the shoot.

    To know our work continues to enthrall young and old means so much.  The vision behind the show lives on – and Ben Folds Five rocks.

    • without doubt you are one of my heroes… but Marjory deserves more than being known as the Trash Heap…. she was the All-Knowing Trash Heap!

      Fraggle Rock was the last show I know of to help children be individuals(okay i do love me some P&F)… to quote Cotterpin:

      “I don’t care what they say
      cuz I know where to find my way
      it won’t be the way they said to go”

      of course the 8-inch Red Fraggle tattoo on my leg kind of outs my passion.

  3. B E Pratt says:

    Hope I am getting the performer right…and damn, I’m not but it is still a neat story. Ben Kweller was playing at Austin City Limits and had a nose bleed. A woman from the audience handed him something, he stuck it up his nose, said, “Thanks for the tampon” and finished the concert. Yep, it was one. Show must go on! Oh hell, it was even better than that!! Here it is

  4. ChuckieJesus says:

    AHHH! My eighties is touching my nineties!

  5. jeligula says:

    Way cool.  Made me feel like I was in the ninth grade again, but I have to say that the Fraggles mysteriously became Muppet-sized for this video.

  6. 1. I don’t get FR, never did.
    2. I don’t get why there are in this video

    Is FR making a comeback like BF5?

  7. Garrett Eaton says:

    Someone needs to take the anamorphic lens filter away from these people.

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