Remakes of Carrie and Evil Dead will debut footage at New York Comic Con

You can either hate that they're happening, or you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but the Carrie remake and the new Evil Dead movie are both very much going to happen to us in 2013. And they are going to provide proof of their impending existence in the form of new footage that will make its debut at New York Comic Con next month! Sony will present the footage on a panel Saturday, October 13 at 3:45 PM (which will conveniently end half an hour before the panel on which I'll be appearing, please pardon the self-promotion), whether you like it or not! (via The Daily Blam)


  1. Carrie could possibly do better than the original movie. It had some very 70’s silliness that detracted from the horror. And I can understand Stephen King wanting to add back in things from the book that were left out. But Evil Dead? Why?

    1. Without Bruce there is little point. With that being said I would love to see more original works in the comedy/horror genre like Cabin in the Woods.

  2. i could never understand the point of remakes of good movies… bad movies with great ideas? of course – remake and improve. but why would anyone go make a movie that he is perfectly aware can never be better than the original and will always be looked down upon? it’s just pointless… i can imagine the atmosphere on the set “yeah, we’re doing this but, you know, it’s going to be crap relative to the original.” i find it completely mind boggling, having some experience with filmmaking myself. unless you can persuade your crew that the film is going to be the best thing since casablanca they will eat you alive in three days flat.
    it turns the whole copyright/copywrong argument on its head, actually.. it turns out that hollywood is the major producer of inferior copies rather than the evil “pirates”

  3. the Carrie remake and the new Evil Dead movie are both very much going to happen to us in 2013

    They’re all gonna laugh at you!

  4. Uh-oh. It does not bode well that they are not doing that in Austin. Peter Jackson had the good sense to show an unfinished version of Return of the King here at one of Harry Knowles famous Butt-Numb-A-Thons (one of which, oddly, had a premiere of The Passion of the Christ). I mean, if you can’t roll out for any of Austin’s many fests (Austin Film Fest, Fantastic Fest (oh and at this latest one it included the owner of the Alamo Theater, a hobbit {yep, Frodo} and others shooting the crap out of a 15′ Nazi banner from Inglorious Basterds with really high powered shit, SXSW, others)…..Well, NYC aint gonna let you do that. If you’ve done it right, you show that shit HERE first!

  5. Oh, one remake I will give full credit to: Let Me In. Doesn’t detract from the Swedish original at all. There must be a few others. But remaking Evil Dead sounds almost, almost as bad as remaking The Haunting. Now that was a seriously fucked up idea. Worse than bad ‘colorizing’.

  6. I don’t hate that they’re happening all that much; I just don’t expect them to be any good.  But I’ve certainly been wrong before.  More than anything, I’m disappointed that so many known properties get remade or re-imagined or rebooted, and so few original, new scripts get shot anymore.

    Hey, you kids.  Stop rewarding this behavior.  Quit buying tickets to sequels and remakes!

    Hell, no-one listens to me.

  7. Just a thought, and I know it’s not the same thing exactly, but isn’t Evil Dead II kind of a remake of Evil Dead? Of course it’s different when it’s the original creator remaking something, but having said that, isn’t Sam Raimi involved in this remake somehow? Which almost makes it the same thing as before, sans Bruce :(

    1. Raimi, Campbell, and Tapert all have producing credits on the remake as well, for what that’s worth.  Might mean they’re cashing a paycheck with no creative involvement at all, might mean they were on-set every single day.  But Raimi and Campbell have both said it’s gonna be good, and they really really mean it.  For what that’s worth.

      With Diablo Cody working on the script, my own expectations are fairly low, though who knows–she might have improved dramatically since Jennifer’s Body.

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