MakerBot launches the Replicator 2, and a retail storefront -- a MakerBot Operator Manifesto


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  1. FrozenFire says:

    And once again, MakerBot claims to have (re)invented 3D printing by slapping a steel frame onto the same printer while hiding their RepRap heritage. Bravo. Excellent business model.
    (they used to acknowledge it, they now claim to have single-handedly invented 3D printing along with PLA)

  2. GoatLordMessiah says:

     The store better be made out of 3D printed Bricks or I’ll be disappointed.

  3. $2200… these 3D printers for the masses seem to be getting more expensive, not less.

  4. Mike Warot says:

    100 microns per layer means this printer does 254 dpi,  about the same as a 1st generation laser printer.

  5. SoItBegins says:

    “Ignore the naysayers. Your jackalope powered hovercraft is achievable and don’t forget to MakerBot a helmet for the jackalope.”

    FOR SCIENCE! Also, because jackalopes are cute/cool.

  6. Steve Coffman says:

    It looks like Makerbot is going closed source with this release. Founder Bre wants to grow the company (currently 150 employees) substantially, and sees this as a necessary step since there’s not a lot of successful big open hardware companies, despite getting a lot of free help from the community to get where things are now. Maybe 3D printing for the masses is more of a core value than open source and slow community driven growth. Currently it’s $2500, so maybe he thinks he needs big money to get to the economy of scale where it can be back to being affordable. I’m conflicted.

  7. Matt Bell says:

    Does it irk anyone else when companies try to make up new verbs? Like MakerBotting?

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