New Orleans cancels plans for Super Bowl drone, after indie paper investigates

Above, "The Bravo 300," a tactical drone man­u­fac­tured in New Or­leans by Cres­cent Un­manned Sys­tems. Weeks after New Orleans local investigative paper The Lens began digging into city of­fi­cials’ plans to use a U.S. Home­land Se­cu­rity De­part­ment aer­ial drone to mon­i­tor crowds at the upcoming Super Bowl, a spokesman for Mayor Mitch Lan­drieu announced that the city is no longer pursuing those plans.

Spokesman Ryan Berni of­fered no rea­son for drop­ping the eye-in-the-sky tech­nol­ogy, telling a re­porter to sub­mit a pub­lic-records re­quest. In a brief phone in­ter­view, he would say only that the de­ci­sion to ditch the drone was made “over the past sev­eral days.” In a fol­low-up email, Berni said Home­land Se­cu­rity would be pro­vid­ing a manned he­li­copter, equipped with a cam­era, and that “the City learned by phone in the last few weeks” about the switch.

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  1. “The rel­a­tively small Cres­cent Un­manned Sys­tems model sells for about $100,000.”

    It’s a quadcopter, and a small one at that. Quoted endurance time of less than an hour. And the FLIR optics package isn’t a standard feature. 

    Does it provide home-baked cookies and the love and affirmation that your parents never did, or what?

    1. UK local councils using anti-terror laws to bust people for putting their trash cans out too early makes this effort look weak.

  2. Would it be cynical of me to suggest they turned this down because it’s simply not loaded with enough weaponry?

  3. It might become a distraction from the bread and circuses.  oh but what if it had branding “oh look daddy! it’s the cuervo-gold panopticon!”  “yes timmy, daddy remembers when our friendly drones were not everywhere” “but who watched over us?” “no one, you scamp… no one”

  4. Mission success, the drone has been defeated. Now we’re back to regular old quaint, bigoted human policework.

  5. Even the Chinese are surprised sometimes by the lengths to which Americans will go for surveillance. I think I’ll translate this one and put it on my weibo. 

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