"39 Lashes" from Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)


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  1. Just_Ok says:

    What a riot!

  2. Donald Petersen says:

    Pilate, what an asshole.

  3. CaptainPedge says:

    I’m going to see the UK stadium tour next week with Tim Minchin as Judas and Mel C from the spice girls as Mary Magdalene. I’m looking forward soooooo much :-)

  4. technogeekagain says:

    And THIS is how you make a musical/rock-opera into a movie. Magnificent acting, wonderful visual design dancing on the edge between realistic and surrealistic.

  5. heligo says:

    I loved this film as a kid and still do. The music and emotion is amazing.

    I want to introduce it to my 8 year old daughter but I’m worried that it’ll affect her towards religion. I’m already fighting her school’s brainwashing and I think I’m winning so it’s a delicate time at the moment. Might have to hold off on this movie.

  6. Adrian says:

    The spinoff (The Village People) was better.

  7. Durin Gleaves says:

    The Wasters, an old Seattle group devoted to songs about Meth and fronted by the drummer from Sky Cries Mary, put a decent cover of this track on their album.

  8. Love that movie. Incidentally, Phish recently hit that groove, too: 

  9. extra88 says:

    I remember that groove from it being used in a faux movie trailer for Slacker Cop 3, included in the Low Res Film Festival in 1996. I showed it to my wife back then and she said, “that’s from Jesus Christ Superstar.”

  10. Boundegar says:

    I’ve never seen this movie, though I had the soundtrack as a kid.  It’s odd the lashing didn’t appear to hurt.  The lavender wifebeaters were odd too.

  11. lorq says:

    Unintentional camp, Exhibit A.

  12. Paul Adams says:

    Anyone else think Pilate looks strangely like a skinny Greg Dulli in a couple of shots?

  13. Sparg says:

    Can’t wait to go to bed tonight and have dreams of the Jesus freaks from my childhood.  The early 70s were so fucking weird, now that I look back.

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