House with a skate-ramp


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  1. Jesseham says:

    One of my favorite teachers at the Art Institute of Seattle had a >12′ quarter-pipe in his house in Wilkeson, WA, which was also a defunct diner and had previously been a boarding house.

  2. Shibi_SF says:

    The ceiling looks kinda low for the skateboarding ramp room. 

  3. robdobbs says:

    “Soaping”? Like those shoes from the late ’90s – early aughts? Are those still a thing?

  4. Easily a $3 million property. It’s in one of the most expensive areas of Tokyo and required custom design.

    Good news is people this rich also have another $1 million to re-do it when they realize this is totally unpractical. 

  5. The bowl looks unskateable, but that probably doesn’t matter if you’re the sort of poser who has a ‘vintage’ board like the one in the photo. The streets of Shibuya – and Tokyo as a whole – are rad to skate, like what this guy does:

  6. Stephan says:

    Such a tiny house in Shibuya easily buys you a Brownstone in the West Village.
    I always wonder where these young married couples come up with that kind of money.
    At least they seem to be one-percenters with street cred.

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