Matt Ritchie's sketchbook


Over at Juxtapoz, pop surrealist painter/designer Alex Pardee admires the work of Matt Ritchie, aka Matt136. While Ritchie's art includes everything from large-scale paintings to furniture, I'm most drawn (sorry) to the pen-and-ink pieces from his sketchbook. "The Art of Matt Ritchie"


  1. I’m more inclined to refer to this as an art book than a sketchbook.  I don’t know anything about the artist’s process, but I think of a sketchbook as a place for working out ideas, and these seem pretty worked out already. To me, there’s something too guarded or self-conscious about the artist calling this a sketchbook.  Just my two cents; I know everyone’s got a different idea about process and about what a sketchbook is.  I enjoy these drawings and would like to see a “real” sketchbook, if he has one.

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