Robotic Lego ball contraption to beat them all

Akiyuky on YouTube has uploaded a 7 minuted video overview of her or his astounding Lego Ball Contraption, a robotic rube goldberg device in 17 modules, each more fiendishly clever than the last. The accompanying blog (in Japanese) has lots more detail. But honestly, you can just sit agog for seven glorious minutes and soak it all up without having to try and parse out Google Translate's rendition of Akiyuky's explanation.

LEGO TECHNICからくり部屋 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. My mom asked my brother what my nephew wanted for the holidays, and he told her the “Earth Defense Lego” set.  “But they have so many legos, why do they need another set?”  “They have a lot, but not enough to reliably defend Earth.” 

  2. Well, if the person just works out the kinks in the system so none of the balls get stuck like what I was seeing from time to time, we just might have a new way to do the Lottery.

    1. Agreed.  I’d happily sit and watch for another hour or so if there was a video showing the effect of the batteries running low on each module, and it becoming overloaded.

    2. Watch the video from start to finish. Almost every module has some sort of a return/backup/holding area so that it doesn’t matter if a certain amount of balls get backed up. The first and last components had the largest “reserve” area. 
      It is not only amazing that balls mostly continue as expected, but that there are so many safety nets in place per each piece. It may be subtle, but it’s all there.

  3. Somehow I feel that this is the work of someone who designs industrial processes for a living.

    Sort of like programmers who finish their day job to go home an work on open-source projects in their free time.

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