Wormwood webcomic merch -- a Kickstarter


4 Responses to “Wormwood webcomic merch -- a Kickstarter”

  1. SamSam says:

    Can someone explain why this, and other similar projects, needs to be structured as a KickStarter project rather than just a merch store?

    With this kickstarter campaign we want to turn our focus on an aspect that we’ve largely neglected up to this point: there are virtually no fan items available for the fans of the Wormworld Saga! And we finally want to change that.

    So… open a store on Etsy? Or anywhere else that doesn’t take 7% of your money like KickStarter does?

    Is it a psychological thing, that people feel like they’re donating to a cause with KickStarter, and are more likely to kick in to help a project meet its goals?

  2. Paul Renault says:

    That looks like a round-head screw.  I would have gone with a pan head screw (less chance of damaging the slot, better torque from the screwdriver), or even better, a countersunk screw.

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