Blanket that makes you look like you're cuddlng with Thor and Loki

Illustrator Pascalle Lepas created a design for a blanket that would make its user appear to be snuggling with Thor and Loki and had it custom printed. She's not sure if she'll sell them, but she certainly makes a compelling pitch for them in this photo!

This Loki & Thor Snuggle Blanket Puts You In The Middle Of A Norse God Sandwich


    1. In the increasingly unlikely event that I’m ever part of a threesome I sure as hell hope it doesn’t involve a sibling.

  1. Please make and sell!!!!!! Commenter above is correct, once Tumblr catches wind, she will be set for life.

  2. She went through all the trouble to make this thing and then has her husband photograph it with a camera phone? 

    1. Maybe they don’t have another camera?  Maybe she made it for herself because this is a fun hubby of hers, and not because she wanted to take fancy pictures to please random douches on the internet?

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