Burger King breaches McDonald's


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  1. steamed punk says:

    Sadly I fear this will one day be looked upon as the start of the Fast Food Civil war.  I pray this King of Burgers protect well his Burger Princes and Burger Princesses for rumor abounds that the Hamburglar has been tasked with revenge most foul.

  2. freemoore says:

    Isn’t that Wayne Coyne in a plastic head?

  3. This could only have been possible if there was an inside man at the McDonald’s. My money is on the Hamburlgar.

  4. Some guy in a mask hands me a free hamburger, I’m not going to eat it. Then again, I’m not going to eat BK or McD’s. Also, the answer to “why didn’t you ask first” is always: “Contrition is better than permission” (or, “It’s easy to say No.”)

  5. Felton / Moderator says:

    Begun this clown war has.

  6. Brainspore says:

    Managers called the police, but the Burger King escaped in a white Acura before the fuzz arrived.

    If you’re gonna hit a rival burger chain, you don’t dawdle. Remember: “In-N-Out. In-N-Out. That’s what a burger prank is all about.”

  7. Paul Coleman says:

    I went all the way through this thread thinking that this happened in Italy.

    • Adam Peller says:

      As someone who grew up in Rome, Georgia I can say that this is one of the single most exciting events I have witnessed (2nd hand) occurring in this town. The only other exciting thing I’ve noticed in the 20 years of residency was a small statue of Romulus and Remus donated by Benito Mussolini with the inscription “From Big Rome to Little Rome, Your Friend Benito Mussolini”.

    • theophrastvs says:

      me too.  oddsfish people! don’t name your settlement the same as a famous place without at least a “New” jammed in front  (and don’t even do that or someone will come along with Newer/est York)

      • Felton / Moderator says:

        Hello from Athens, Georgia.  I agree with you, but I’d rather keep the name as it is, because the alternative would probably be Bulldawg, Georgia.

        • Christopher says:

          Lucky you, living so close to the Terrapin Brewery.

          (Off-topic, I realize, but I can’t resist a shout-out to the people who make the world a better place by bringing Rye Pale Ale into it.)

    • Ipo says:

       Georgia is a few little countries to the east of Italy. 
      Russia invaded part of it. 

    • Navin_Johnson says:

       I hear they have an Orange Julius Caesar over there.

  8. mmcpher says:

    God help me, I love the King!  Especially his foray into the NFL!  And has anybody told the Chic-Fil-A goons that there’s a guy in tights mincing about in McDonalds? 

  9. vertigo25 says:

    “Managers called the police…”

    Seems the only law broken here would be trespassing, and that would only be true if the management asked him to leave… which I assume they did.

    I will never understand how employees of a corporate held business feel that they must protect the interest of the company. You’d have to pay me a hell of a lot more than a McDonald’s manager makes to actually give even one shit about the franchise owners or corporate heads. I’m certain the corporation heads could care less about the welfare of their employees… why should the reverse be true?

    They should have let him hand out the burgers… had a laugh along with everyone else.

    •  No McDonald’s employees or the manager asked the King to leave. In fact, the McDoanld’s manager didn’t stop the King until he was in his Whoppermobile attempting to leave.

    • Boundegar says:

      Maybe it was the Brand Police.  Did you think about that?  Huh?

    • phlavor says:

      I like how she asks him if what he was doing was legal before she says she called the cops and said she didn’t think he had the “right” to do what he did. 

      Pretty sure there wasn’t a sign that said:

      No shirts
      No shoes
      No service*
      * Additionally, entering these premises adorned in competing fast food mascot outfits is forbidden by law.

  10. shrevus says:

    According to this http://www.suntimes.com/business/7158876-420/burger-king-to-drop-the-king-get-healthier.html the king was retired so this was just a local prankster and not officially a BK event.

  11. Dub Google says:

    Personally, at first I was shocked and OUTRAGED that there was a MacDonalds in Rome, and that anyone there would have even a clue what Burger King was… Ther I realised it wasn’t Rome, Italy.

  12. Michael Polo says:

    I suspect foreign involvement by none other than General Tsao….

  13. Wreckrob8 says:

    This is just irresponsible teaching kids to expect things for free. They will grow up as part of the 47% Obama/Democrat voters. There must be a law against it. Buying votes undermines the essence of Western democracy.

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