Incredible lava lake video


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  1. Go Kiwi! In the interviews he’s talking about setting it up as extreme tourism.

  2. Judas Peckerwood says:

    Impressive stuff. But what’s with the planting of the New Zealand flag at the end — have the Kiwis secretly conquered Vanuatu? 

  3. Why aren’t we disposing of solid waste in there? I’m only 1/2 kidding, btw.

    • Ipo says:

      Half your comment goes in first then. 

      The stuff is coming out!

      • CpnCodpiece says:

        Yeah I can’t see how that would be any different from incinerating the waste, it’s not like it would fall in and sink to the core of the earth, in fact most of it would burn up before it even touched the lava.

        • Ipo says:

          It would incinerate it without cleaning the Flue-gas, without temperature control necessary to insure destruction of most dioxins and furans, without fly ash filters to remove lead, cadmium, copper, zinc and so on, in a dangerous and instable environment that doesn’t allow for the removal of the 15 to 20% of waste resulting. 
          Active volcanoes are also not typically located conveniently near population centers.

  4. thecleaninglady says:

    Dude! Step away from the edge! It’s not like you can’t see what’s going on from a little further away.

  5. Amazing what a long lens on a foreground subject can do to the size of a background. :D

    Once I found out Krakatoa was actually WEST of Java I don’t believe any of this stuff anymore.

  6. EH says:

    No good video goes without ads.

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    For some reason I am craving a pu pu platter. 

  8. avraamov says:

    hey – uh, bill? we need a sense of scale here. could you go and needlessly endanger your life by standing at the mouth of hell? thanks.

    oh and craig – go and plant a flag like a dick.

  9. I actually know some people who live on Ambryn Island.  I must find out if they are anywhere near this horror.

  10. avraamov says:

    sorry. i should add – that was amazing..

  11. Mark Gagen says:

    All I could think was, “Drop the ring Frodo!”

  12. Frodo! Destroy in the Ring, Frodo!

  13. lava says:

    Now I think LOTR didn’t make their cg lava awesome enough.

    The scale and violence of the lava is unbelievable. I could not stand there with that pressing my “get the fuck out of there” button.

  14. oasisob1 says:

    Forget Geoff Mackley, this John Seach guy from volcanolive is awesome! He time travels!

    “The photographer from this website obtains photographs at great expense, and time traveling to dangerous and remote areas. Material from Volcano Live website may not be used for any purpose. Any infringement of copyright will be vigorously pursued.”

  15. bzishi says:

    I think this is nature’s way of saying “stay away”!

  16. rob_cornelius says:

    I see from his site that he is claiming that MSN have used his footage without attribution and wont pay him for it.

  17. Ang says:

    Oh bullsh… bologna. The last time I saw this effect I was watching MST3K. Fake as an honest politician.

  18. noah django says:

    holy fuck, dude!

  19. NelC says:

    Even allowing for the fact that the cameraman is standing way back and using a really long lens, that’s a scarily big and active lava lake to be standing near to.

  20. Paul Cooke says:

    the guy in the special heat proof suit should have planted a flag so we could watch it burst into flames…

  21. terry childers says:

    I misread it as “lava cake” and was sort of disappointed. That’s life.

  22. John Sweden says:

    A magnificent video, right up to the planting of the fu**ing flag. I cannot believe the authors of this fine video are so bereft of intelligence. As if that power of fire cares for any flag! They don’t get it.

  23. grimatongueworm says:

    Hey Frank.  Listen, we need something to add some perspective.  Climb down and stand on that ledge down there.  Yes, down there.  Good lad, Frank.

  24. Hmm, with the end of the Cold War, guess we can rule out an H-bomb blast.  I guess it’s between this and a large vat of hydrofluoric acid….

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