Mug appears to be stuck in table

Treasuremmm The Treasure Mug is a delightful illusion cup available directly from Japan via Plywood or Amazon JP. (via Spoon & Tamago)


  1. Apparently there’s a surrealist version of this cup, with fur lining.

    But I’m going to hold out for the Treasure Table – the table that appears to be stuck in a floor.

  2. I made a 3D printed sculpture that has the same effect, where the parts of the sculpture that touch the surface it sits on are truncated to make it look like it’s sinking into or rising out of it. Haven’t posted pics yet otherwise I’d post a link.

    1.  It’s better even than that. The second color is specified as “blowon.”  Which is of course what you would do when your coffee is too hot.

      Sadly AmazonJP sez it’s not available for shipment outside of Japan.

    2.  Gotta love the r/l mixups.  Fortunately, I live in Japan, so I’m ordering one, as soon as I can find where to order the ‘blowon’ version.

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