A video in which a pig rescues a goat


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  1. Wingnut says:

    Coming to theaters soon:
    Babe: the Baywatch Pig

  2. deviceofmind says:

    Don’t eat meat.

  3. Saved by the buoyancy of adipose. 

  4. chellberty says:

    spiderpig spiderpig

  5. BarBarSeven says:

    That goat is the 47% or Amanda Palmer, and that pig is Mitt Romney or a pick up musician.

  6. adamrice says:

    Could also be titled “A video in which a man holding a camera does not rescue a goat.”

  7. semiotix says:

    Fake! Viral video for GoPro! That pig just wanted to eat that goat! Animal abuse! Goats are excellent swimmers! Faaaaaaake!

    Just covering the bases. Carry on. 

  8. cfiber says:

    Subtitle: “A Video in which a Man Throws a Pig into the Water: Panicked Pig Tries to Climb onto Drowning Goat”

    It’s a sequel to: “Man Throws Goat into Water”

    Coming soon: “Man Throws Pig and Goat back into Water”

  9. Aleknevicus says:

    “… you don’t eat a pig like that all at once!”

  10. David Speller says:

     That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  11. John Callender says:

    I couldn’t help but deconstruct this as follows: Man has a clueless baby goat which he knows will just flail without knowing what to do. Man also has a clueful baby pig which he knows will swim straight as an arrow for the exit at the back of the pond. So: man positions camera, dumps goat in center of pond, carefully drops pig in pond in a location that puts the flailing goat on the direct path between pig and exit, and films the result. Bam: YouTube ad revenue.

    My prediction: if the pig had been dropped a foot or two to either side, it would have plowed right past the goat without slowing down.

  12. bobcorrigan says:

    And so, the vast cauldron of goat stew loses some of its savour, but gains a soupçon of pig.

  13. Gunn says:

     Congratulations, Team Boing! You have achieved a 9-point different-revelants-comments stream in only 18 posts, and you will receive extra credit for including only the punch line to a relevant joke. Keep up the good work, everyone!

  14. dave moore says:

    I love the way the guy with the camera cries “Goat in the water, goat in the water” at the start, as if it’s some equivalent of “Man overboard”

  15. grimatongueworm says:

    “What do I look like, Charlotte?  A messenger boy?”  {{Paul Lynde voiceover implied}}

  16. saraeanderson says:

    Oops, somebody got there.

  17. Dimmer says:

    It may just be me, but it really looks more like a fcuk attempt rather than a rescue attempt. Squeal, like, a piggy goat!

  18. I actually think that there was a person holding the goat in position. If you watch the video the gost almost looks like it’s trying to climb onto a submerged object. But if you watch it full screen you’ll see a blurred flesh colored hand in the first seconds. And the way the goat is moving indicates  that he is being pulled backwards.  

    so fake.

  19. 10xor01 says:

    S O M E
      P I G

  20. Ipo says:


  21. Adrian says:

    What-a pig!

  22. JoJoRight says:

    That guy is a complete tool for allowing the goat to almost drown, simply because he wanted to make a youtube video.

    He’s a real pig – and not the hero kind.

  23. kiptw says:

    Zeeba could not be reached for comment.

  24. ashabot says:

    Yay for compassionate pig!

  25. doggo says:

    Sometimes the cynicism and negativity on the Internet is soul-crushing. Can’t we just enjoy some harmless animal antics, smile, and move on?

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