Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bars are basically giant crunchy Thin Mints

I'm not much of one for energy bars, and I don't think I've ever had a Clif Bar before, but I just bought a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar on a whim and let me tell you: Wow. It's basically a giant oatmealy crunchy Thin Mint. I realized that as soon as I cracked the wrapper, it smells so good. And apparently it has a little caffeine in it.

Get one. Then do what I'm doing and go on Amazon Prime and get two dozen.

Clif Bar Energy Bar, Cool Mint Chocolate, 2.4-Ounce Bars, (Pack of 24)


  1. I’d be careful not to overdo it. I thought chocolate dipped coconut Luna bars tasted like Samoas, but after a box or two the magic sort of wore off.

    1. That sounds like my wife.  She’ll find some new she loves buy 2 to 5 boxes of it and be tired of it after one box…  Meh, I’m pretty good about eating anything she buys so it doesn’t go to waste.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  2. I just ate a Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar, good stuff. I bought 4 boxes of Clif Bars last night at Target in fact, it’s going to be my breakfast food for the next month. Nice little burst of protein in the AM is supposed to be good I hear, and I never eat breakfast, so this should make it nice and easy. I did not get the flavor you describe, but I’ll give it a shot next time.

  3. I took a big sack of Clif bars along with me on  RAGBRAI; the ride is famous for its food vendors, but you may or may not feel like stopping on a particular day or may not find something particularly to your liking, and you can eat a Clif bar without stopping if you feel like it. That and some caffeinated electrolyte tablets in the ol’ Camelbak and some bananas will get you through a whole day of riding, if need be. I liked the Toffee Peanut Buzz, which also has caffeine.

  4. Those are delicious.  Very filling as well.  They make good emergency food and I keep them stashed to get me past a missed meal on the road when necessary.  Also, I think they have more than a little caffeine in them.  Feels that way to me.

  5. I’ll give it a shot.  I have an unrepentant sweet tooth, but I like to pretend that I’m eating stuff that’s remotely good for me.  Last time I tried a Clif bar, even though it sounded good on paper (chocolate, peanut butter, all the stuff I like), it ended up tasting like an asphalt casserole wrapped ’round a stale dog turd.  Or so I’d imagine.  In any case, it tasted woefully virtuous and “good for me.”  Blecchh.

    But I’ll try one of these.  I do so dearly love m’ Thin Mints.

    1. For me, it’s not a defect, it’s a feature.  If they tasted as good as they’d sound, I’d eat them too fast.  They’re palatable enough for me to choke down when hungry enough, but don’t tempt me when I’m not. 

      1.  That’s exactly my use of them too; I want them to only taste sort of good so I can keep them around for when I need them rather than just snarfing them immediately.

  6. Yet another product with a price that gets arbitrarily jacked for Canadians. Costs more than double on this side of the border, and I refuse to support a company that chooses to engage in this sort of price gouging.

    American price: box of 24 for $30
    Canadian price: box of 12 for $37+

    1. My experience differs slightly. A little independent shop around the corner from me in Canada sells these for $15/doz.

  7. I just can’t eat these when riding hard. I chew and chew and chew and chew. I can’t swallow, or breathe and I spit it out.

  8. These taste like the Thin Mint cookies used to taste… really minty and dark chocolately?  Those were delicious.  Or they taste like the Thin Mint cookies taste now… barely a whiff of mint and only if you employ a lot of imagination and nostalgia, dry cookie wafers, and waxy chocolate even Hershey’s would turn their noses up at?

    Pass.  Better they should rip off Samoas instead.

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