Cory at Oakville Public Library (and other Toronto stops) this week


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  1. Matt Fisher says:

    Wow.  Not that I could possibly make it (I live in LA) but the event in Oakville sounds great!  My first job, at 14, was at the Oakville Public Library.  I worked in the Film Department – we had a fairly impressive library of 16mm films and about 20 projectors for rent.  This was right at the beginning of the video era.  VHS and Beta were still fighting it out at Oakville’s only video store ($100 membership fee!) but clever locals could rent gems like La Jetee, Lelouche’s Rendezvous, or even Potempkin for 50 cents each.

    The department self-destructed not long after I left for University at 18.  I still kick myself for not thinking to buy some of the prints they had.  Braverman’s Condensed Cream of Beatles?  Hell yeah.

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