Oglaf on nipples


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  1. retepslluerb says:

    Don’t listen to him.

  2. Spinkter says:

    Yay! My favorite pornographic comic!


    This is a weird coincidence.  This post went up while I was reading Oglaf.  The apprentice had just accidentally killed the lizard with the Arrow of Regret.  Guess you had to be there.  Anyway it’s very funny, profane, etc.  Definitely NSFW but worth reading for the gags.

  4. One of the best comics on the internet. :)

    • benher says:

      I’m so glad I discovered this comic today – I haven’t read webcomix in ages. Reminds me of why I started reading BB so many years ago ;)

  5. Scott Rubin says:

    Oglaf is the best. It already has plenty of exposure, but couldn’t hurt to have more!

  6. Mister44 says:

    Oglaf is my naughty pleasure I catch up with every few months.

  7. geekd says:

    I love Oglaf.  The very first comic (Cumsprite) is still my favorite.

  8. Marc Montoya says:

    i thought i would start from the beginning… whoa..what the?

  9. m0nkyman says:

    Well that killed a Sunday afternoon.

  10. Matthew Stone says:

    It’s really easy to get the impression that all the other countries in the world are laughing at the USA’s prudery behind her back, until you realize that those other cultures can be just as prudish about other things that the USA has no problem with, like a woman showing her legs.

    • retepslluerb says:

      I think its pretty safe too assume that those cultures who laugh at the US prudery are okay with women showing her legs. 

      Now, the glee at displaying firearms, that’s another matter,

    • From a window above Rome’s Campo dei Fiori, I once watch a sea of heads turn to watch a couple from the U.S. ride bicycle once around the piazza.  Short pants and bare legs all the way around.  Uh, no, they weren’t staring at the guy.

  11. Clifton says:

    Other cultures, especially non-Western ones, really do slice concepts along different lines.  In Tonga it is considered shocking and offensive for men to walk around bare-chested and show their nipples in public; if you are so ill-informed as to do so, the police will give you a ticket.  On the other hand, there’s nothing offensive in either men or women taking their shirt off in front of visitors or friends, inside their own house.

  12. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Seriously great combination of raunchiness, good artwork, and humor.

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