Book about the making of Game of Thrones


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  1. semiotix says:

    In which it is revealed that a lowly SteadiCam™ operator is actually the heir to the Director’s Chair, Bill from craft services is also William the production assistant, and that brother and sister team of makeup artists? Totally fucking each other.

  2. Martyn Drake says:

    Personally I don’t think the show deserved an Emmy for VFX this year – definitely not on par with the work from season one (the ending at episode ten was so poorly done, and spoilt the prosthetics with over-the-top CG nonsense).  Hoping they will fix this for next series.

  3. TheMudshark says:

    So I guess to establish that “oh, we must be in the Dothrakies” you would have to build a set that looks like the inside of a pseudo-Mongolian digestive tract?

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