Fame (1980): Leroy Johnson's "audition"

From the original, and still brilliant, 1980 film Fame, the late Gene Anthony Ray's "audition" as Leroy Johnson. Wicked. His partner Shirley Mulholland, played by Carol Massenburg? A disaster. That's ok, she didn't want to spend four fucking years in that ass-licking school anyway.

The tune is Linda Clifford's "Red Light," available on the movie soundtrack.


  1. “Son derriere noir…c’est formidable! ”

    Thank you, David, for posting this forgotten joy from my past. I heard they made a sequel and called it Glee.

    1. Well. They neutered it and called it Glee.

      To create Finn or Rachel or Kurt from Bruno, Coco or Leroy you’d literally have to whitewash them, suck out every bit of darkness, sexuality, intelligence and talent and replace those characteristics with irony, corporate speak and forced cheer.  The kids in Glee speak about themselves as if they were products and their lives as if they were commercials in a way that would be utterly foreign to the kids in Fame.

      (Also, just wow. Leroy and his awesomely fine self. Exhale.)

  2. Thanks, David.  I’ve been singing that song to myself for 30+ years, with Leroy Johnson’s audition always playing on the visuals.

    GodDAMN that man could dance.

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