Oktoberfest 2012 illustration in Playboy by Christoph Hoppenbrock


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  1. Angryjim says:

    Is that Marlon Brando the Hut from the Peter Serafinowicz Sketch?

  2. danimagoo says:

    Miss Piggy and Kermit are about to get arrested.

  3. Philbert42 says:

    Resembles Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzles; see http://www.spilsbury.com/category/s?keyword=haasteren, for instance.

  4. EH says:

    Relationship to eBoy?

  5. The girl in the men’s room at the urine trough is a nice touch.  

  6. fidel_funk says:

    The toilets are like totally incorrect,- where are the enourmous buckets for throwing up into…

  7. retepslluerb says:

    Woho, Captain Future and Joan Randall. But where’s the rest of the futuremen?

  8. petz79 says:

    Wimmelbild. I like that word.

  9. eplayboy says:

    Louis C.K. and Karl Pilkington are in it.

  10. signsofrain says:

    Greedo and Han, E.T, Stormtroopers, Sideshow Bob, Krusty the Klown, Mr. Slave (or just some guy in bondage gear) Homer, Marge, Maggie, Bart and Lisa, The Wolf Man, Gandalf the Grey, Steve Jobs, Indiana Jones… I love Waldo Stylez.

  11. welcomeabored says:

    Guess E.T., King Kong?, and what appears to be an Ewok are not considered ‘celebs’, however recognizable they may be.  The Simpsons are very easy to find.  It’s hard to hide blue hair.

    Is Miss Piggy just holding Kermit down, or sitting on his face?  And what’s that in her hand?  It’s not a stein of beer.

    Anyone know what or who the all blue characters are?

    I’ve wanted to attend Oktoberfest in Germany for many years, and hear one of the a capella contests.  Until that day…. Happy Oktoberfest, ya’ll!


  12. The perspective’s all wrong. He was obviously drunk when he did this.

  13. Amelia_G says:

    Don’t go to Oktoberfest! Meine Güte. There are so many better minor, middling and who cares celebrations that don’t involve the CSU and 9.5-euro beers.

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