Parkour Squirrel (video)


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  1. snark^ says:

    Ok, I’ll admit it… was expecting a jetpack to fire up after the skwerl leapt out the window – and the Bond theme to kick in.

  2. Jerril says:

    I just love watching the route planning it was doing (while at a mad run!), trying to find a way to get out that window without getting “too close” to the human.

  3. allium says:

    Yeah, try that on Jupiter and see if the square-cube law saves your furry little hinder THEN.

  4. zombiebob says:

    I love how at 21-22 the squirell jus out and begins to flail his tiny limbs. I imagine he’s thinking something that could be roughly translated to ” SHIT. SHIT! NO TREE!”

    • It looks like he was probably aiming for the clothesline and missed in his panic.  I notice he kept running around madly after he landed–I wonder if he was rabid?  I would think he’d be looking for cover.  I don’t know man.  I’m a little creeped out.

      • Ian Osmond says:

        The flailing is it spreading out to maximize its surface area, to reduce its terminal velocity.  Arboreal animals of that size can survive terminal velocity falls uninjured, as that squirrel did.  As for it running around out of cover, that’s just what squirrels do.  They avoid predators by escaping, not by hiding.

  5. knoxblox says:

    OMG…I know without a doubt my mom’s three cats would have followed that squirrel right out the window without a moment’s hesitation. Glad she lives in a single-story home.

  6. snagglepuss says:

    Translated from squirrelese:


  7. Darien Kruss says:

    This surprises me not one bit. I had a squirrel performing its own parkour routine on my front door a year ago.

  8. LaylaSV says:

    The squirrel is a boss, no doubt. But it was the wonderfully awed voice narrating the events that had me totally charmed. 

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