Recreating the sound of early 20th-century America

Naturalist Aldo Leopold took such detailed notes of the sounds he heard in 1930s Wisconsin — particularly bird calls — that researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been able to recreate what the environment sounded like back then. At least, what it sounded like around Aldo Leopold's house. His notes, and the recreated sound, are allowing scientists to learn more about species migration and how industrialization has changed ecology.


  1. This is very cool.  When I was in grad school I ran around the forest recording the songs of cardinals, and playing it back to the birds.  It’s easy to demonstrate that their are regional accents among these birds.  (Family roll their eyes, but I can hear it when I travel from Iowa to New York.)  It would be really interesting to find out if the cardinal’s song has changed in the last 100 years, if we hold location constant.

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