Win VIP tickets to San Francisco's Treasure Island Music Festival (10/13-10/14)!

The always-fantastic Treasure Island Music Festival returns to the San Francisco Bay Area on October 13 and 14. The exquisitely-curated line-up includes the likes of Girl Talk, The XX, M83, Joanna Newsom, Public Enemy, Youth Lagoon, Grimes, War On Drugs, and more than a dozen other acts. Our pals at Noise Pop, co-promoters of the event, have provided us a pair of VIP 2-Day Tickets (a $479 value) to give to Boing Boing readers. VIP includes preferred viewing area next to main stage, tented lounge with access to full liquor bar, private restroom facilities (yay!) and access to special VIP food concessions. Here's how to win 'em:

Write a Haiku about your favorite band performing at the festival. Here's the full line-up. The Haiku must consist of three lines, with the first line containing 5 syllables, the second containing 7 syllables, and the third line containing 5 syllables. Then post your Haiku in the comments of this thread. You have until 11:59pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/25). On Thursday (9/27), I'll post our three favorites. Those finalists will each receive a Boing Boing t-shirt! On Friday (9/28), I'll announce the winner. Please only one entry per person. Good luck!!!


  1. there are some dragons
    who are built to have and hold
    they sting terribly

    — adapted from Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie by Joanna Newsom

    Woops. Just noticed the date – I’ll be in another state that weekend. Oh well. Leaving the haiku anyway.

    1. “Ya got ta fight the power…ya got ta fight the powers that be…”

      “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…”

      “I bought it, so I’ll bluddy well boot it!”

  2. Contains allusions to my favorite band ever, M83.

    Fuzzy synths aglow
    hurry up, we are dreaming
    of where the boats go

  3. Oh I’ve been waiting 
    Desperately. And my heart
     is here, Grimes, off-beat.

    (homage to Grimes’ song Vanessa)

  4. one hundred percent
    his language fills me with love
    dare i say his name?

    (sorry for the accidental double post! i don’t know why my name isn’t showing up next to it… =)

  5. gold chain: love is hard.
    steve jobs’ turtleneck sweater:
    black, just like their hearts

    – for the xx

  6. If I win, I will post a picture of my retainer with J-New’s face on it! I’ll even wear it to Treasure Island!

  7. My favorite isle,
    Gave me the Girl and The Sea,
    City Skyline, wow!

    Asked this girl I had a crush on, out on a date following the Flaming Lips in ’09, and we’ve been together since! 

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