Win VIP tickets to San Francisco's Treasure Island Music Festival (10/13-10/14)!


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  1. rekoil says:

    The Presets’ new “Ghosts”
    A digital sea shanty
    Better than it sounds.

  2. rekoil says:

    Fixed the prior entry. Counting syllables is hard.

  3. dr_awkward says:

    How does a Girl Talk?
    Unstoppable All Day in
    Secret Diaries.

  4. Navin_Johnson says:

    Love that Haysi Fantayzee video!  

  5. dfoic says:

    Though the lead sounds like
    Herbert from Family Guy
    Youth Lagoon rocks out

  6. Flav’s Role in Public Enemy:

    effects of drugs wear
    on powerful messages
    once poignant now dim

  7. pfooti says:

    there are some dragons
    who are built to have and hold
    they sting terribly

    — adapted from Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie by Joanna Newsom

    Woops. Just noticed the date – I’ll be in another state that weekend. Oh well. Leaving the haiku anyway.

  8. Stacie Furia says:

    Rearranging sound
    to become something more than
    before. Now: Girl Talk.

  9. neboyce says:

    The War on Drugs is

    Our Public Enemy one.

    Let’s commence The Coup.

    • rat bat blue says:

      “Ya got ta fight the power…ya got ta fight the powers that be…”

      “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…”

      “I bought it, so I’ll bluddy well boot it!”

  10. mbarnsdale says:

    The XX… Awesome
    Native San Fran, my birthplace
    XX and home? Sweet!

  11. James Oborne says:

    Not pirate’s booty
    Grimey Girl Talk electro
    Get some at T.I.

  12. Desiree Cook says:

    Gossiping Girl Talk

    SBTRKT-ING my love for yours

    On the Best Coast dear.

  13. Landfill, Music, Mayhem
    Escape from the daily grind
    Joy blankets the crowd

  14. Ronny Kerr says:

    in the treasured fog,
    mr. bleak black city beams
    me dear techno dreams.

    much love to Matthew Dear and the best-placed music festival in the bay :)

  15. Sounds from the island
    makes the joy rise like the tides
     I am full of beer

  16. Ryan Flynn says:

    Oh Toro y Moi
    Lollapalooza we met
    Please let me love you again

  17. Porter robinson

    Twenty year old prodigy

    First class Electro 

  18. Paul Atwood says:

    Fits of the Divine
    Furriest Handsome Wolf Spoon
    Britt Dan Sam, Goddamn!

  19. he wears tribal masks.
    live percussion, he performs
    pharaohs and wildfire


  20. At this island Fest
    The music is the treasure
    Shitting bricks excited

  21. Gonzalo Ferreyra says:

    Minnie Mouse’s voice,
    a visit to the future:
    Listening to Grimes

  22. idb1204 says:

    Dance party All Day
    Girl Talk keeps our feet moving
    Never stop the fun

  23. Joanna Newsome’s
    name is five syllables, but
    music is infinity.

  24. Ben Cornell says:

    M83 with
    a beautiful bay backdrop
    probably won’t suck.

  25. Aimal says:

    French guy with bombast
    Lately fond of saxophone
    Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

  26. cooter says:

    vancouver’s grimes, whose
    sister says the saddest things,
    lived on the river

  27. Ben Cornell says:

    btw, that was me, not sure why it doesn’t show my name.

  28. The awesome Presets,
    An electro duo set,
    They’ll soak you in sweat.

  29. JS says:

    we let music live
    wander through the XX sin
    let the best sex win

  30. Alwyslet says:

    Girl talking, wild, pow!
    Jumping, screaming, fun times, wow!
    Treasure island now!

  31. jaxxy1979 says:

    Listen when the Girl Talks
    Mashing the hip hop and soul
    She’ll make you dance hard

  32. sounds like a whisper
    electronic drums, brooding
    it goes on and on
    - the xx

  33. Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
    Peach, plum, pear – wish I was there
    You win some -  Newsom

  34. yves says:

    Dancing on my own
    no more – here is a whole crowd
    for Toro y Moi

  35. Dan Bowen says:

    Counting syllables
    Should I write M Eighty Three
    or spell M 8 3?

  36. anica says:

    Music to my ears
    In the bay my favorites play
    Youth Lagoon lets swim 

  37. NeemaRahimi says:

    no contact info on this profile – see new post with contactable profile

  38. neema29 says:

    Contains allusions to my favorite band ever, M83.

    Fuzzy synths aglow
    hurry up, we are dreaming
    of where the boats go

  39. Abigail says:

    Two six point two miles
    in the morning, but at night
    Los Campesinos!

  40. mrambulancedriver says:

    How to describe Grimes:
    Canadian Space Mermaid,
    A Cyborg Banshee!

  41. erin murray says:

    Beth Ditto can wail!
    That girl’s voice makes my toes curl.
    Gossip, you got it. 

  42. Justin Caffier says:

    I can’t explain why

    Grimes makes me think of Rugrats.
    That’s not a complaint.

  43. tahoeskier says:

    When I get homesick
    BEST COAST always takes me to

  44. bobcorrigan says:

    Alas, I am old,
    and I know none of the bands
    appearing there.  Sigh.

  45. I’m about to win. 
    A haiku writing contest?
    I was born for this. 

  46. laemro58 says:

    Treasure of music
    Tremendous view of beauty
    Magical moments

  47. Gabriel Rooney says:

    Matthew Dear is there
    do I really call him that?
    ‘cuz I’m not his mom

  48. Brant Olson says:

    capitalist pigs
    concede power to no one
    except Boots Riley

  49. hypersomniac says:

    for joanna:

    milk-eyed sirens’ call
    harp sung somber tones
    echo the ocean

  50. It’s ironic that
    P.E. should play Treasure Isle,
    not Alcatraz, no?

  51. Subtract the vowels,

    from the word “subtract” spelled wrong,

    SBTRKT’s the result.

  52. Lee Hepner says:

    A drum resonates
    from beyond the youth lagoon
    toward the sunset.

  53. Lee Hepner says:

    A drum resonates
    from beyond the youth lagoon
    toward the sunset.

  54. Ryan Thalken says:

    Stay inside your head
    Ty Segall is home again 
    Making the grass grow 

  55. Ditto spins a phrase
    M83 swirls icy blue luster
    Newsom harps on it


  56. catherine le says:

    Oh I’ve been waiting 
    Desperately. And my heart
     is here, Grimes, off-beat.

    (homage to Grimes’ song Vanessa)

  57. akatoncesaid says:

    SBTRKT, GirlTalk, Grimes.

    It will make my Ex jealous.

    Help me break his heart. 

  58. vibrotronica says:

    Public Enemy, 1988

    Terminator X
    Was a member of the group.
    Don’t believe the hype!

  59. stephanie c says:

    one hundred percent
    his language fills me with love
    dare i say his name?

    -stephanie for porter robinson

  60. Hai Trinh says:

    Though the city glooms
    M Eighty Three shines the way
    The Bay surrounds us

  61. stephanie c says:

    one hundred percent
    his language fills me with love
    dare i say his name?

    (sorry for the accidental double post! i don’t know why my name isn’t showing up next to it… =)

  62. supermaxy says:

    cramming hundreds of samples
    illegal art form

  63. Grimes is on my my screen
    My birthday is that weekend
    I hope to go there

  64. Kelly Pratt says:

    Gossip, jealous girls
    Girl talk will help let it out
    Grimes beast infection

  65. powerofslack says:

    Free your brainwashed mind
    To fight the powers that be
    Chuck D sees the fnords

  66. johneevee says:

    sbtrkt u from me
    at t i fest we will be
    public enemies

  67. minorfires says:

    Ostrich farm – worth it?
    They’re just not the same without
    Terminator X

  68. doughbro47 says:

    Los Campesinos!
    A British Twee/Hardcore band?
    Their songs break my heart.

  69. Long Island critics
    rap metal never pauses;
    the tour that happened.

  70. Dictaphone’s Lament
    a night drive, the smell of rain
    Tycho ebb & flow

  71. DJ DIAPERZ says:

    Quell not Divine Fits!
    Protracted rhythms thicken;
    Rainbows spill from eyes.

  72. jimmykinkade says:

    Do you need a permit for a concert like this?

  73. branng says:

    (yoo hoo! I yoo hoo!)
    Treasure Island waking dream:
    Imperial Teen

  74. Jeff Mailes says:

    Together we dance,
    renewing beats from the past.
    Girl Talk brings it back!

  75. Girl Talk makes me dance
    Spasming and convulsing
    Strange looks at the gym

  76. Anne Allison says:

    Music and dancing,
    maybe some radiation. . .
    Thanks Treasure Island!

  77. Nicole Cassese says:

    Cut. Crystal. Watch Me
    XX distress repress fold
    Undone now made whole.

  78. Love the Double X
    He says, staring at her shirt.
    Man, she hates liars.

  79. Jason Luz says:

    Plucking bridge cables,
    she transmorgifies ocean
    air as she warbles.

  80. popsicklestar says:

    They need no vowels.
    subdued, special sort of math,
    soft sounds of SBTRKT

  81. Rachel Visalda says:

    gold chain: love is hard.
    steve jobs’ turtleneck sweater:
    black, just like their hearts

    - for the xx

  82. Young ladies converse
    An avalanche of samples
    No license in sight

  83. Large Mammal says:

    jism filled bullet
    shot by former sex-pistol
    rotten now lydon

  84. jan fisico says:

    hippie hippie scene 
    music fills up in my dreams
    fulfill with tickets

  85. timmayer says:

    Highway swimming in
    The kingdom of midnight skin
    And our endless youth 

    -for M83

  86. Echos trespassing
    go in me crystalline too
    far a solitude

  87. lalalalaur says:

    My Heart Skipped a Beat

    When The XX Melody

    Captivated Me

  88. p9ooo says:

    haiku for the coup
    the kickstart’d bus is new
    bringing boots to you

  89. timmayer says:

    Highway swimming in
    The kingdom of midnight skin
    And our endless youth

    -for M83

  90. Anders Arson says:

    A five hour drive
    From Humboldt to Treasure Isle
    Music worth the time.

  91. spalko says:

    Public Enemy
    is tougher and blacker than
    Folsom Street leather

  92. Brian Brady says:

    I just want to go!!!
    Chuck D and M83??
    French for f’shizzle?!

  93. grapegatorade says:

    Pirate named ‘Girl Talk’
    takes the stage and steals all the
    Treasure Isle booty

  94. Andrew Brian Farris says:

    Public Enemy
    Never said Fuck the Police
    But Sting cries anyway

  95. As “XX” once said
    “Light reflects from your shadow”
    Music binds lovers’ souls

  96. As “XX” once said
    “Light reflects from your shadow”
    Music binds lovers’ souls

  97. Haunting guitar riffs
    Touch something deep inside me
    They are The XX

  98. Blake Lowe says:

    Joanna Newsom
    I cry when I hear your voice
    Please break up with me?

  99. Blake Lowe says:

    I didn’t read the directions properly…

  100. Blake Lowe says:

    …and couldn’t figure out how to delete my entries.

  101. terry childers says:

    Public Enemy
    Night of the Living Baseheads
    I’m talkin’ ’bout BASS!

  102. Joseph V says:

    the youth lagoon song
    used in that skype commercial
    saved me in prison

  103. terry childers says:

     The XX- great band
    a constant reminder that
    looks ain’t everything

  104. joygunlore says:

    My ex got into
    XX. Oh, we didn’t last.
    Lo, XO no mo’.

  105. deepcut says:

    To Beth of Gossip,
    No ticket, and no worries
    Your voice spans the bay

  106. Teddy Wu says:

    M83 will start
    When Midnight strikes the City
    Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

  107. entropia says:

    Feminine chatter
    it’s not; we will shake it to
    Gossip and Girl Talk

  108. ridinagrvytrain says:

    XX: My Soundtrack
    to stoned lawn meanderings
    sight line? Unlikely

  109. daemonsquire says:

    araabMUZIK makes
    me aware I could better
    control my twitching.

  110. monmatmildew says:

    I puked all over
    Ty Segal’s tour van once
    Not a proud day. Nope.

  111. Richard says:

    October thirteenth
    Treasure Island with Grimes and…
    My birthday weekend

  112. AIMendez says:

    I Hear Matthew Dear
    The Fear is here within us
    Quick! Get me a beer!

  113. AIMendez says:

    i think i tried to rhyme too hard,

  114. whiskey93 says:

    transcendent gallic

    pop. classic hip hop. perhaps

    the scent of the sea?

  115. Grimes is so cray cray

    she smokin’ weed and tweeting

    did video high

  116. grapegatorade says:

    A clock-necked jester
    joins perennial Chuck D
    shouting rhyme and truth

  117. mtzbinden says:

    T.I. is my pie
    For P.E. I just might cry
    So pray to the sky

  118. Ari Frink says:

    Joanna “Toothsome”
    Your face on my retainer
    Relic from high school

  119. Ari Frink says:

    If I win, I will post a picture of my retainer with J-New’s face on it! I’ll even wear it to Treasure Island!

  120. rat bat blue says:

     This coup ain’t for chickens or pigeons either. Let’s roll.

  121. Los Campesinos!
    No sign of you in London
    San Fran here we come!

  122. Me and my friend are actually coming over to San Francisco from London while this festival is on! Would be amazing!

  123. rat bat blue says:

     See post further downpage. It belongs here with us, Karras…exorcise time.

  124. My heart is beating
    Anticipating xx
    Let me hear them play

  125. rat bat blue says:

    umm, both these ‘posts’ are actually replies to neboyce uppage. I hate being fucked with.

  126. I do not prefer
    East or West, It’s Wisconsin’s
    COASTline I like BEST

  127. Mike Zardozian says:

    a magical voice
    beautiful space synths and beats
    grimes has a cute lisp

  128. Sean M. says:

    Life is bittersweet
    Feel the pulse, the New York streets

  129. Yo Bum Rush the Show
    Chuck D and Flavor Flav will
    Bring the noise BOY-EE

  130. Keisar Betancourt says:

    once upon a time
    a new east bay resident
    won some cool tickets

  131. MichaelP says:

    Grimes makes us music,
    Makes us dance, makes us happy,
    Makes us… “pussy rings”?

  132. jave says:

    escape control, set the sun
    defeat the wheelchair

  133. TionTunes says:

    Public Enemy
    it demands tickets quickly
    to San Francisco

  134. penguinchris says:

    mark f’s daughter did
    interview best coast a while
    back on boingboing, yay

  135. oxenhandler says:

    It Takes a Nation
    came out when i was thirteen
    i wore black a lot

  136. Vi Son T says:

    Wind kisses our ears
    As the heaven sky opens
    Sounds of Youth Lagoon

  137. Green and sunset pink
    Machine sounds of the jungle
    It must be SBTRKT

  138. California muse
    Enchant this treasured island
    And have one on me

  139. ashley peters says:

    wild hands spin wild notes
    harp-made dreamscapes fill my brain
    visions, joanna

  140. Ian Miller says:

    Island in the bay
    Best Coast rocks my west coast
    dance pants lost in time

  141. coreyb83 says:

    araabMuzik makes
    My A.D.H.D. jitters
    look like sweet dance moves

  142. new dimensions says:

    Airy dream pop for

    post-modern, Internet age?

    Must be Grimes on stage.

  143. lolokerrigan says:

    We play in sound waves
    created by the Best Coast
    along the best coast.

  144. Heavenly strings sing
    Treasured Cali hymns praising 
    Joanna Newsom

  145. M manufactured
    8 nostalgic school moments
    3 worth remembering

  146. branduhly says:

    behind the mask and the name
    sbtrk all but music

  147. gin78 says:

    The sun shines on Grimes
    At Treasure Island. Two Brits,
    With no ticks, sad face

  148. I like festivals
    San Francisco sounds quite rad
    Give me your tickets

  149. Carol Chappell says:

    Treasure Island fey
    Joanna Newsom plucking
    Harp strings, my heart sings

  150. Adam Schwartz says:

    Don’t make me decide
    What a great lineup this year.
    Hello Vee Eye Pee

  151. crusty crale says:

    on why joanna newsom is so goddamn alluring:

    Armani? My ass!
    It’s your voice, your voice. YOUR VOICE!
    Ok, and your eyes.

  152. theflesh says:

    araabMUZIK plays
    close my eyes and drift away
    clouds make comfy homes

  153. Skylight Studios says:

    and so iT seems, you  
    line the Isles with k flay dreaMs
    Feast our ears with two

  154. bbonyhadi says:

    I blow two kisses,
    Sounds shift, they miss – hitting where
    The xx were were

  155. bbonyhadi says:

    Ugh, too many good artists – I’ve started calling this the BoingBoing cleverness conundrum.

  156. Stacy Smith says:

    Ethereal sounds
    Bathed in the languishing light
    Rapt oblivion


  157. bbonyhadi says:

    Argh, my partner tries
    To post, but Disqus will not
    Let him log me out.

  158. bbonyhadi says:

    Argh, my partner tries
    To post, but Disqus will not
    Let him log me out.

  159. mandelben says:

    Are ears the door, then?
    Closed my eyes, but Dirty Ghosts
    Haunt this tarnished soul.

  160. roid says:

    This is just one guy
    Amazing layered mixes
    Happy listening

  161. Ambrose Colombo says:

    My favorite isle,
    Gave me the Girl and The Sea,
    City Skyline, wow!

    Asked this girl I had a crush on, out on a date following the Flaming Lips in ’09, and we’ve been together since! 

  162. Nat Kramer says:

    For Joanna Newsom–

    Bleed my living heart!
    Yr sickle cleaves this moment-
    How sweet the harvest.

  163. “What It’s All About”

    The Michael/Queen Crescendo,

    Girl Talk’s masterpiece.

  164. Fair Yolkai says:

    the best valentines
    after all the these years with you
    was xx in bed

  165. Adam Gilgoff says:

    her neck, my lips, we
    tangle. the xx play, blown
    by the bay’s fall winds

  166. Brian Hoeber says:

    Public Enemy
    Still brings the noise something fierce,
    Don’t believe the hype.

  167. sawdust23 says:

    projecting sweetly 
    a rarity in gingham
    tears at our heartstrings

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