A perfect political ad (Video)

I love firemen! I love brotherhoods! I love gay marriage! This ad has everything!


    1. No women in the Fire Service? I work for a medium/small fire department (200 people) and we hire women pretty much every hiring process we go through (every 1 – 1.5 years). Seattle Fire has 1000 firefighters, and practically begs women to apply. They run free training schools before hirings to attract women and prepare them for the testing/interview process. Firefighting hirings are very competitive, often with hundreds or even several thousand people competing for a handful of jobs. Are there departments that are unfriendly towards women? Surely, but they are no longer the rule. Many lawsuits have seen to that. Women cracked the barriers into the Fire Service years ago. No women in this commercial doesn’t equate to what you were trying to imply with your comment.

    2. For the record, some of those towns are pretty small.  I grew up in Orono – the population is 10k, and I THINK that counts the University of Maine…!

  1. These guys are certainly right on the side of justice and good for them. However, I don’t think the right to marry the person of your choosing should be decided by majority rule.
    Just sayin’.

    1. It’s shouldn’t be decided by majority rule, it should be insured by constitutional rights. Unfortunately many people are trying to take away the right through a majority vote. Eventually some of these votes will succeed in GIVING people this right, and laws thrown up in it’s path will begin to get dismantled. 

  2. Bravo to these guys! Personalizing the stories of those denied marriage equality is the only way to defeat the ignorance backing silly arguments like DOMA. 

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