David Byrne and St Vincent performing each others' songs together

Pitchfork's got a couple YouTube clips from the ongoing David Byrne/St Vincent tour, which is in support of their new album and Byrne's new book, both of which are amazing. I saw the tour stop in Toronto and actually wept at one point. I've been listening to the new album, Love This Giant nonstop since, and it's become the soundtrack of my days. I can't remember the last time a new album took over my life so completely.

There are still upcoming shows in NYC, Philly, Brooklyn, Bethesda, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Costa Mesa, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart.

Watch: David Byrne and St. Vincent Perform Each Other's Songs (Thanks, Jonny!)


  1. Interesting how the horn section on Burning Down The House sounds like it’s been passed through a St. Vincent arrangement filter

  2. The horn arrangements for “Strange Overtones” were wonderful. I was at the tour opener in Minneapolis – would love to see the *last* show of the tour too! Wonderful stuff.

  3. The horns and David made me shake my ass and giggle with delight. Would love to see this, but tickets in SF are $110!!!

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