Awesome action alert: Gina Carano signs on for lady-filled action ensemble flick


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  1. welcomeabored says:

    Oh, this is going in my queue.  It’ll be nice to see Michael Fassbender get his ass kicked around the room by a woman.  He does, doesn’t he?

  2. ObeyMyBrain says:

    I didn’t like her performance in Haywire, it felt emotionally disconnected. I guess imagine if she dubbed over all her lines a week after filming them so she was no longer emotionally invested in the scenes.

  3. Hank says:

    Working title: Fox Force Five?

  4. Nadreck says:

    Yes, more Zoe please.  There’s a “Making Of” feature on her direct-to-video movie where she’s practising kicking up into a henchman’s face: by bowing forward until her head touches the ground and hitting him with the heel of the foot on her free leg. There’s something or other wrong with a bunch of takes so she just bobs up and down for 5 minutes like a drinking bird toy – no sweat.  Her standing leg seems to be crazy glued to the floor but it’s just perfect balance.  Awesome Kiwi!!!

  5. Tweedle says:

    Carano was great in Haywire, but it clearly took a script that was crafted around NOT acting, the deft hand of Soderbergh, and the film being 85% action sequences to cover for the fact that she canNOT act. Gina has great charisma, is a great athlete, and a delightful screen presence, but…. she has a long way to go before becoming a competent actor that I’d care to see in a movie…. particularly a low grade independent by an unknown director purposefully creating a low-budget action flick.

    Haywire 2 or another project under the control of Soderbergh again… sure. This… not so much.

  6. Jrod says:

    Ronda Rousey beats Carano 

    both in looks AND ability to kick the crap out of someone

  7. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    But Death Proof isn’t! (streaming on Netflix. Yet.)

    Gina Torres. I’d like to see Torres back kicking ass onscreen.

  8. Chris Barrus says:

    What’s great about Haywire is that it’s a master class in how to properly choreograph, film, and edit a modern action movie. No shakey-cam, no rapid-fire editing, you always know where the combatants are, and it’s exciting as hell.

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