Awesome action alert: Gina Carano signs on for lady-filled action ensemble flick

That moment that MMA fighter-turned-action star Gina Carano is having? It's going to continue. The breakout star of last year's Haywire has just signed on for an upcoming action ensemble movie that will feature an all-female group of asskickers. It's not exactly going to be a huge studio movie; indie production company 1984 Private Defense Contractors is behind the project. But if it means that Gina Carano is on her way to become a go-to action star, then that's something to look forward to. This is a woman who was trusted by Steven Soderbergh, of all people, to carry an action movie with a pretty short acting resume to show for herself. (And a stellar athletic career, to be sure.)

The movie is still in the very early stages of production, and it doesn't look like it has a title or a director yet. (Dutch Southern is attached to write the screenplay.) But the prospect of a movie filled with women who can knock people to the ground (ahem, Zoe Bell, please) sounds like a jolly good time to me.

Photo credit: Haywire Official Site

Gina Carano signs on for lead role in Expendables styled female action film [The Daily Blam]


  1. Oh, this is going in my queue.  It’ll be nice to see Michael Fassbender get his ass kicked around the room by a woman.  He does, doesn’t he?

      1.  from the trailer, it looks like he gets his ass kicked while having her ass handed to him.
        Wait… what?

  2. I didn’t like her performance in Haywire, it felt emotionally disconnected. I guess imagine if she dubbed over all her lines a week after filming them so she was no longer emotionally invested in the scenes.

  3. Yes, more Zoe please.  There’s a “Making Of” feature on her direct-to-video movie where she’s practising kicking up into a henchman’s face: by bowing forward until her head touches the ground and hitting him with the heel of the foot on her free leg. There’s something or other wrong with a bunch of takes so she just bobs up and down for 5 minutes like a drinking bird toy – no sweat.  Her standing leg seems to be crazy glued to the floor but it’s just perfect balance.  Awesome Kiwi!!!

  4. Carano was great in Haywire, but it clearly took a script that was crafted around NOT acting, the deft hand of Soderbergh, and the film being 85% action sequences to cover for the fact that she canNOT act. Gina has great charisma, is a great athlete, and a delightful screen presence, but…. she has a long way to go before becoming a competent actor that I’d care to see in a movie…. particularly a low grade independent by an unknown director purposefully creating a low-budget action flick.

    Haywire 2 or another project under the control of Soderbergh again… sure. This… not so much.

  5. But Death Proof isn’t! (streaming on Netflix. Yet.)

    Gina Torres. I’d like to see Torres back kicking ass onscreen.

  6. What’s great about Haywire is that it’s a master class in how to properly choreograph, film, and edit a modern action movie. No shakey-cam, no rapid-fire editing, you always know where the combatants are, and it’s exciting as hell.

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