Great Graphic Novels: Carnet de Voyage, by Craig Thompsom


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  1. Is this related to Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage which is a short film that was nominated for an Oscar?

  2. ssll says:

    This is my favorite Craig Thompson book. I like living vicariously through his trip without feeling bad about not traveling, because he’s so depressed.

    There’s a great page on his blog about how he made it:

    Also, skip the $10 Amazon link, it’s on sale for $5 right now from the publisher:

  3. It’s not related, as far as I know. “Carnet de Voyage” is a bit generic (in French), meaning “travel journal” or “travel diary”. That short looks really good though.

  4. And yeah, that Top Shelf sale is amazing. I’ve got a bunch of books on the way from them. What a great publisher, even without the $3 sale. 

  5. signsofrain says:

    I hope Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Lost at Sea’ makes this list. It is really a beautiful, affecting book. It’s got a lot more emotional oomph than Scott Pilgrim.

  6. GeorgeMokray says:

    Read Habibi a little while ago and it is really, really good.  So many different themes running through that book and his drawing has become so supple with the obvious nods to the great Eisner.  I’ll look for Carnet de Voyage now since I’ve read Blankets and Goodbye, Chunky Rice.  Look forward to what he does next whether it is another big book or a simple strip.

  7. Check out the Top Shelf sale linked above. It’s a great deal. 

    Agree on the Eisner comment. Thompson’s linework & some of his compositions definitely hearken back.

  8. Gloo says:

    Habibi is a masterpiece and a real steal for its price. All I can say is go and buy this man’s books !

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