The Pax Vaporizer: 'fropheads rejoice!


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  1. GLORY BE TO DOBBS AND HIS GIFT OF FROP! I’m not big on smoking, so I generally just extract the vital ester and inject it intravenously–in fact, I’m now using a modified insulin pump to maintain a constant level in my bloodstream.

  2. Aloisius says:

    Whoa, do people really vaporize herbs and inhale them?  What is this Dutch Spirit like?

  3. conflator says:

    That is just odd. Not the Bob stuff, that’s perfectly sensible. I used my vapourizer to stop smoking tobacco, not to smoke more.

    • Ender Wiggin says:

      does it actually work through a vape? i can’t quite bring myself to screw up the taste of my volcano with tobacco to find out.

      • conflator says:

        Oh, I’ve never tried, either – I like my vapourizer too much to risk it!

        I can’t imagine it would – I don’t think the temperatures would be near high enough on most kit.

      • teapot says:

        1) Yes
        2) Depends on the vape, but for ones that have little or no internal tubing between the frop container and the vapour outlet (like the volcano) it’s probably not going to affect your machine at all. The thing it will stank up is the bag or the tube (unless you’re using silicon surgical tube – which wont be affected)

        IRT the post:
        3) I would highly recommend a mains powered vape over battery for reliable heating. I have not *used* a battery powered one, but the general interwebs consensus is that mains is better.
        4) Post-vape frop has likely not been exhausted of its fropsicity and can be smoked or cooked into oily foods to get the most out of it.

  4. Cowicide says:

    Dobbs is not amused.

  5. Judonerd says:

    What is this I don’t even

  6. SedanChair says:

    Eventually the pink boys will catch on the the Pax and try it out with weed, but I have no idea if it works with Conspiracy street drugs. I’m sticking with ‘frop.

    You sad, sad, beautiful bastard

  7. pjcamp says:

    Oh come on, be honest — that’s just another name for oregano, isn’t it?

  8. Guest says:

    Thanks, Tyrone!  I’ve been enjoying me ‘frop through the magic flight launch box, but I find that there’s no good way to transport the unit through the fingers of the robot, as it were, without leaving the trail of pheremones which deactivates their second law governors just enough to keep them nippin’ at my heels.  

    I’ve often wished I could partake in the sacremental ‘frop during a day of avoiding heavy machinery, though these days that’s nearly impossible, I am at least successful in avoiding operation of said heavy machinery.

    Is there some way of saving the odor for later through some form fitted silicone skin that can fit over the Pax?

  9. Al Billings says:

    I was with you until she kept pronouncing the ‘h’ in ‘herb’ over and over again, like “That guy, Herb, over there.” 

  10. chriscombs says:

    A Slack Slothrop? I’m screamin’ across the sky over here.

  11. It looks great.I wonder how it will compete with the MFLB though.It does have features the MFLB doesn’t.

  12. Neat! I actually have the Ploom by these same guys (it’s like a portable hookah vape). I’ll have to snag one and load it up with some ‘frop to test the merits of it.

  13. ianm506 says:

    Thanks for that, Rocketman!

  14. Ipo says:

    I’m sold on the frop inhaler.  And that wasn’t even an ad. 
    She had nice, if nervous, hands. 

    “the loach’s”
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  15. Dane says:

    Kilroy was here

  16. Terri St. Amant says:

    Am I crazy, or has the resolution quality gone down on Boing Boing  since the redesign? 

  17. nothingspecial says:

    A bit pricier than the Arizer Pro ($250 vs $150), but additional stealth may be worth it.   I also prefer the front panel temp controls of Arizer.  I liked MFLB, but charging and squeezing batts was annoying. 

  18. PeaceLove says:

    A bit sad to see BB turn over their Pax review to this silliness. The thing deserves its own glowing review; it’s like if Apple released a portable vaporizer. The Pax is extremely well designed, beautifully laid out and dead simple to use. It has killer battery life (1-3 full days, depending on how heavily you use it) and recharges in about an hour & a half on its dock.

    The Pax is self-contained, tiny and discrete. Best of all, it just works…well. The Pax truly is a game changer.

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